Monday, January 23, 2017

Super Neocons McCain and Graham Will Support Tillerson Nomination

Not a good sign.

Republican Sens. John McCain and Lindsey Graham said Sunday they would support Rex Tillerson’s nomination for the State Department.

“After careful consideration, and much discussion with Mr. Tillerson, we have decided to support his nomination to be Secretary of State,” Messrs. McCain and Graham said in a statement. “Though we still have concerns about his past dealings with the Russian government and President Vladimir Putin, we believe that Mr. Tillerson can be an effective advocate for U.S. interests.”



  1. sounds like they were able to extract whatever they wanted from the Trump administration

  2. Could be that they're giving up, and want to stay in the game in some way. These two guys remind me of a bad evil version of those two old guys on the Muppets.

    1. I needed a good laugh and your comparison of McCain and Graham to Statler and Waldorf was perfect. Thanks!

      It's a great comparison, as well.

  3. They could be playing along so Trump doesn't go after them. They both made themselves targets for Trump in the lead up to the election.
    But, it could be cause Tillerson likes Wars.
    I know someone who is anti-war and knows Tillerson personally, I hadn't thought of it before but I'll see if I can call him today for his opinion.

  4. McCain and Graham are saving face and doing a strategic withdrawal. They know that there are the votes in the full Senate with a few democrats looking to survive in 2018. Tillerson is what he is and I'm sure he have then nothing. For better or worse, he is not someone who you push around. He is used to issuing directives (after careful consideration) and not being held over a barrel.