Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Rock Band 'Green Day' Drops Anti-Trump Music Video

It's a social justice warrior themed video and I expect much more like this.


Bottom Line: It's going to beTrumpistas versus Social Justice Warriors, not a great time for libertarians.



  1. "not a great time for libertarians."

    When is it?

  2. Four years of Donald Trump either ignoring or squashing SJW types doesn't sound like a bad scene to me.

  3. thats pretty bad lashed together lyrics and a generic punk lite strum

  4. I'm no Trump fan but the way these left/SJW idiots are just waking from their slumber after 8 years of Obama to notice "troubled times" and engage in "acts of resistance" is the height of partisan hypocrisy. At least the alt-righters/Trumpistas, being relatively new on the scene and existing heretofore in the opposition to the existing regime, come into the fight with somewhat cleaner hands. Unfortunately, until the gov't power to be controlled (essentially unlimited fiat money) is diminished by some kind of black swan event, the concepts of libertarianism will remain in the extreme minority and subject to attack from both sides.

    1. Exactly what I was thinking. Green Day released American Idiot as Bush was re-elected and then cheered as the Obama regime continued Bush's policies.

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  6. Peace, tax cuts, school vouchers, health saving accounts, Obama mandate abolition, vaccine inquiry, deregulation...All good!

  7. I do love Green Day's "American Idiot". While I realize they are just leftist, they have made some good anti-war songs.
    And they are massively popular.
    So, in that, I can see some good that may have unintended consequences. Even from Billie Joe.

  8. There are kick butt Ancap bands out there too, Backwordz is coming on strong, and they are flat awesome.