Monday, January 30, 2017

POLICE STATE ALERT New Trump Executive Order Does Not Apply to the Military

This morning at the White House, President Donald Trump has signed another executive order.

It requires two regulations to be removed for every new regulation. Since there is no stipulation as to what kind of regulations must be removed to introduce a new one (and it would be impossible to do so), the EO is mostly hot air.

However, it is noteworthy that military and "national security" regulations are exempt.

One more indication for all but the willingly blind that Trump is marching us toward a police state.



  1. Isn't regulating regulations a regulation? Which regulation did he remove in the passing of this regulation?

  2. Or it could mean that he is just trying to downsize government but feels like the military has been downsized enough the past eight years by Obama, so it isn't needing the trim quite as much. Libertarians gnash their teeth over government regulations, yet squirm nervously when they see someone come in and try to remove them. You have been disappointed by the government so many times that you see enemies behind every tree and will work side by side with the left to bring down the only hope you will ever see to have government reduced in size. The swamp does not want to be drained and is working harder that it has ever worked before to try to convince people that it doesn't need draining.

    1. I am afraid you are deaf, dumb, and blind to the authoritarian blood funnel that has been strangling our remaining freedom, and sucking us dry in the ultimate parasitic orgy for the past 15 years. My God, even the leftist author Naomi Wolf had the sources, and the guts to write a book about how this society is being closed down step-by-step in order to create an authoritarian police state.

      Robert is prescient in a way that you are not capable of concieving because you obviously lack the intelligence to see patterns in well documented political actions. What you percieve as random actions, are actually highly coordinated events that you have failed to stumble upon! I guess you don't read everyday.

    2. Even without your reference to Naomi Wolf it was pretty clear that you are a leftist. You argue your point by throwing insults. I am sorry making America Great Again frightens you. Close your eyes and cover your ears for the next few years and we will be through and you can enjoy the new, greater USA.