Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Mexican President Says in Video Message Tonight His Country Will Not Pay for Wall

 Mexican President Pena Nieto says his country will not pay for a border wall.


Good for Nieto, although I suspect he did it because of outrage from the Mexican masses.



  1. I'm old enough to remember when forcing someone to pay for something that another person wants was considered socialism

    1. Trump fanboys have some Hillary flavored refutation all ready for this one.

  2. I don't speak Spanish anymore. But I'm guessing Nieto didn't say, "We in Mexico are also sick and tired of illicit drugs pouring over the US border, along with our men, women and children. As of today, all illicit drugs are legal for possession and cultivation in Mexico. Furthermore, all tariffs on goods coming from the US are hereby abolished. I call on the United States to end its war on drug users, which creates unfathomable levels of black market demand, gang violence and illegal migration from Mexico to the United States. I also call on the United States to abolish its tariffs on Mexican imports."