Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Let Me Repeat, Hillary Would Have Been Better Than Trump

I am really amazed at the vitriol that continues to be hurled Hillary Clinton's way, even though she lost her election bid months ago and we do have a new president, Donald J. Trump.

Hillary would have been terrible on every issue, but I don't believe she would have been able to muster the energy to be as authoritarian as Trump. More to the point, there would have been strong (fevered?) opposition from the right to Hillary. Trump has captured most of the right, they are as silent now about Trump's horrific early overseas military measures as the left was about Obama's overseas adventures when he was president.

With Trump as president, the opposition to current government policies is coming almost exclusively from the socialist left. Meanwhile, the right and many libertarians continue to attack Hillary. A recent comment at the post, Who Would Be Better for Liberty, DLT or HRC?:
Only a fool would believe that Hillary wouldn't have issue an equal number of executive orders by now. That power hungry beeotch has been waiting 24 years sine Bubba got in. Not that this makes Trump any better but you should keep this in mind. She would have issued all sorts of leftist orders like trans bathrooms everywhere, women generals get to stomp on the testicles of all the white male generals, abortion worldwide funded by the US taxpayer, retroactive tax increase, immediate revocation of 501C3 status for any group that is right of center, shutting down any alt-right media outlets and seizing their assets, and many other edicts.
Hillary would have been bad on every issue but as P.J. O'Rourke put it during the 2016 presidential campaign,  Hillary was "the second worst thing that could happen to this country. But she's way behind in second place, you know? She's wrong about absolutely everything. But she's wrong within normal parameters!"

Trump comes without parameters and we are about to see what this authoritarian, stubborn, outside the box thinking brings us. Transgender bathrooms and female military generals, methinks, are going to look as an attractive alternative to what Trump is going to deliver us.

And the opposition, for the most part, will be the wacko left.

Not good.



  1. RW, the cunt would have happily written up EO's to ban sites like yours, so you have a reprieve for now. Don't forget her contempt for the 2nd Amendment. I'm enjoying seeing the left going bonkers and showing themselves for the shit stains they are to this country.

    It's really annoying the way the press/media is feeding this crap by claiming a 'Muslim ban' which it was not and the US code allows from latitude here.

    Of course, you fool open borders libertarians are too stupid to acknowledge some cultures simply don't belong here and don't give a damn about your 'principles' or have any historical clue about what that would mean.

    1. @Peter, In the (fictional) settlement of Galt's Gulch, could anyone enter or was immigration controlled by the community?

    2. I'm not sure if The Lab Manager was referring to a private community. I think he was talking about the USA, not the fictional Gulch. I could be mistaken. Anyway, if he is talking about the USA, I was wondering which cultures, in his opinion, "don't belong here". Did he leave?

    3. Start with any country in Africa for example. I'm sure there is reason why Liberia is a crap hole other than white colonial racism. Brazil is working out real well to,right? So what ghetto minority neighborhood do any of you live in?

    4. Far from being a "ghetto" Little Ethiopia is a colorful, vibrant area of Los Angeles with many fine restaurants, vintage clothing and furniture shops, and music clubs. Similarly, the Brazilian area on Venice Blvd is a great place to get grilled meat and watch soccer and beautiful women. Culturally, where would we be without the African pentatonic scale that brought us the blues, Jazz, and their offspring, Rock-N-Roll? Is this the culture that you think does not belong here?

  2. Let Trump's RNC nomination acceptance speech not be forgotten:
    "I am your voice.
    I'm With You, and I will fight for you, and I will win for you.
    We Will Make America Strong Again.
    We Will Make America Proud Again.
    We Will Make America Safe Again.
    And We Will Make America Great Again."

    In these few lines, he laid bare what he intends to do, and unlike Presidents of past, he fully intends to implement this agenda.

    In Trump's distorted view, with the recent immigration ban, America is well on its way to being safe again. The coming military buildup and all out assault on ISIS will, in the great leader's vision, make America strong again. And the continual strong-arming of businesses will make America great again. Check, check, and check.

    I'm with Bob. I'll take my chances on a lady who has trouble mustering enough energy to get through the day, and surely not enough energy to command a devoted following across the country, aside from the small contingent of far left ideologues.

  3. It remains to be seen whether Trump et al will actually get rid of Obamacare (or whether they will replace it with something just as bad or worse), however, there was ZERO chance it would have gone away under Hillary. Obamacare is the Monty Pylthon 16 ton weight hanging over all our heads.

    If the Republicans and Trump do abolish it in favor of something significantly more free-market, then it's difficult to imagine Hillary would have been better -- even though Trump is atrocious in many ways. It's still difficult to tell how effectively, in real terms, Trump will "lead". Most of the stuff everyone's going nuts over now are either lots of smoke, or things Obama was already doing.

    Trump is dangerous, but so was Hillary.

  4. We'll never know for sure, but my take on Hideous Hillary had her itching to start a war with Russia. The disastrous effects of such a war would be way worse, IMHO, than anything Trump can dream up in four years, or eight if it comes to that.

  5. Agree with JdL. Peace or war is the litmus test. Hillary Clinton is responsible for the murders of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children, as a result of sanctions put into effect in the Clinton Administration. She and her underling Victoria Nuland are also responsible for the aggressive stance of the US toward Russia-- the overthrow of the Ukrainian government in 2015, the civil war there, and the threat of a nuclear war. She and Obama are largely responsible for the continuing violence in Libya and Syria. This is not to mention Waco, and the people she had killed there. What has Trump done so far that compares with these crimes?

    1. How is Hillary responsible for the sanctions? The rest, ok, also she voted for the Iraq war.