Sunday, January 29, 2017

Don't Worry About the Anti-War Left, Worry About the Right

Greenbulldog comments at the post, Michael Moore Calls For Immediate Demonstration at JFK Airport :
The anti-war left rises after a 8 year hiatus. Gees...I wonder why...
This is a correct observation but we really need to worry about the anti-war right. Pat Buchanan, for example, is spending a lot more time cheering the crazed Trump Wall then he is launching broadsides at Trump's developing military interventionist plans for the Middle East.

His last three columns are:

What Trump’s Wall Says to the World

Trump: America for the Americans!

New President, New World

Not a word in them about Trump's intention to create Syrian safe zones or Trump's belligerent attitude toward Iran.

Is the paleo-right going silent on US troops in the Middle East, now that the crazed protectionist Donald J. Trump rules?

Will Pat be on hiatus as long as Trump is in power? Is he just the flip-side of the opportunist left with principles thrown to the wind?



  1. Anti-war left? Where ere they the last eight years?

  2. I think Veterans for Peace can be lumped into the anti-war "left", though many us of individually are from the right/libertarians. We condemned President Obama regularly for his warmongering and domestic spying.

  3. Paleocons are first and foremost concerned with the culture war. Annoying the stinky hippies is more important than Christian Just War Theory.

  4. IMO the "anti-war" left and the paleo-right both point their guns at me so I can worry about both.

  5. Sorry Robert do you really know what is a third world country for?Do you think that people in those countries , and I am from one of them, filled with daily violence, a kind of spiritual corruption so high and destructive that makes the US a Heaven on earth , a mix of fanatical leftism for free stuff hundreds of times over the one that you guys have in the US? Do you think that sort of things are derived from some sort of bad luck, or divine providence or , like the left wants to believe , from the US interventions ?
    They are not...they are what third world countries are made up from, the very essence of being a third world country with all its dystopian mindset and medieval stratification of their casts , what they really stand for..they are a product of the 99,9% of local mindsets, culture , societal behavior , that marked their own formation , and keep even the richest ones like China, in their medieval or Stone Age stupor....don't fool yourself thinking that the US would absorb and "convert" hundreds of millions of are going to become a third world country like everyone in this case you are deadly wrong and I have been reading you for 7 years and agree on 99% of your inputs ...however , I must tell you that bringing let's say 500 million Indians , you are not going to end up with a new and better, shinning USA , but with India 2.0 and nothing left for you call USA , without any remaining vestige from western culture or even a first world country , filled with the same horrors that made those people move abroad ....what they unconsciously would be bringing would not be what they willingly would want to, but those things are imprinted on them and their nature is not going to change in any way once they moved to the US...
    What you are cheering for, with your radical libertarianism, even if you insist in keeping the NAP and private propriety as stalwarts , this is a wishful thinking that is not going to happen under such type of "invasion"... your NAP and private propriety rights would be wiped out by the new incomers ...and that is the hard truth that you refuse to see....what Trump says on this matter is painfully true..those countries have to follow suit and transform themselves from inside out can't anymore have the luxury of trying to transform them from outside is empire on steroids that always ends up with the destruction of the wealth of the centre (the US) in this case what happened with the Roman Empire...yes for sure they debased their economy , but they did because they become the police of the ancient world and stretched themselves in a very expensive empire ...and I think that this is going to happen anyway ...and when it begins to crumble , the whole interconnected world will crumble and come down like the end of the Roman Empire and that is going to be terrifying and , as it seems , unavoidable I would recommend you and the people of the US to have the wall at least to slow the pace ...without this wall your descend to a third world country will be much much quicker ...this is called destiny ....

    1. "this is called destiny"

      Sounds to me like your thinking is still stuck in whatever third world village you came from.

      All you've laid out is a story about why YOU get freedom but other people don't. Go back to your third world country and set yourself up as an oligarch or whatever. You already have the mindset.

  6. Pat Buchanan appears to me to be a nasty person at heart, without grounding principles. I've had this opinion ever since reading of him smugly celebrating having sucker-punched someone he didn't like. My occasional reads of his columns since then have not changed my view.

    1. If there was one thing that I could say positively about Pat is that he's consistent in his statism.