Saturday, January 14, 2017

Chomsky Warns ‘Con Man’ Trump Will Drag Civilization Down to the ‘Utter Depths of Barbarism’

The lefty social thinker Noam Chomsky has some warnings about Donald Trump.

Amid some harebrained support of various socialist programs, Chomsky said during an interview with the Pacific Standard that Trump is "kind of a con man.”

“He was able to say things to a sector of the population that, in a way, articulated their own concerns and feelings, and did it pretty effectively.”

“To what extent that reflects his own views, to the extent that he has views, is very hard to say.” he added, noting that Trump parroted “anti-establishment,” anti-Wall Street rhetoric before hiring five former Goldman Sachs employees. [Now seven.-RW]

“He says he’s going to bring back jobs and coal and manufacturing,” Chomsky noted. “How’s he going to do that?"

Chomsky warned that when Trump fails to deliver on his promises, he’s likely to make “ a standard move that’s made by authoritarian figures and authoritarian structures,” namely, “blame it on people who are even more vulnerable and who are suffering even more than you are.”

Discussing a “post-truth world,” Chomsky said that propaganda often functions with “little bits and pieces of truth scattered around, enough to base a post-fact world on.” Just enough, he said, to convince “maybe the most civilized and educated part of the world down to the utter depths of barbarism.”


(via Raw Story)


  1. In the Land of Trump - RW falls with Chomsky (revered socialist) , Krugman (patsy fraud), John Schindler (spook hack) amongst other establishment cronies. I don't know if RW is losing his mind or that is how bad Trump is. Either way it ain't pretty.

  2. Chomsky would say this type of thing about ANY non-leftist candidate, including Ron Paul. Despite claiming to be an anarchist, Chomsky repeatedly shills - at least when faced with two authoritarian candidates - for the leftist side, because he is a socialist and has in the past put his lot behind the worst of the worst.
    His words therefore are completely meaningless and discreditable.

    Quite frankly, if there is no case of genuine logical reasoning or evidence, but merely pointless theorizing by partisan hacks, using people like Krugman or Chomsky, Robert Wenzel should take care not simply to lose his own credibility by practicing the most blatant of confirmation bias.

    Chomsky could hardly be heard saying all that much about Obama, the president responsible for waging more wars than ANY previous president, and throwing out more illegal immigrants than all previous presidents COMBINED. Yet Chomsky talks about "barbarism", and about Trump hurting vulnerable and suffering people the most. Yet his words against Trump are basically copied without further comment by Wenzel, as if we are not dealing with a professional hypocrite and historic defender of totalitarian regimes.

    I love criticism of perceived heroes or icons because no one is deserving of worship or unconditional support. But it is now reaching the point where Wenzel seems to grasp at any straws to express a view that almost verges on hysteria.

    If someone were to say he expects Trump to start eating babies in three years time, at this point it almost seems likely Wenzel would post it.

  3. Chomsky is a terrible fraud. Sad that you are using Chomsky, a supporter of every leftist dictator out there, as a device to attack Trump, Wenzel.

    How bad is Chomsky? Read this -