Monday, January 9, 2017

A Note on Student Protests

The below comment was made in reference to my post, Socialist Students Plan Nationwide Inauguration Protests:
I don't think Congressmen take note of protests on campus or off. I would hope that Libertarian students are focused on going to classes and learning valuable skills. 
And this:
I agree. Although whether congresscritters listen or not, protests against politicians are a waste of time. Action will serve better. And the best action is that which will improve yourself.
The idea is not that Congressmen take note of protests on campus. It is whether other students do, Students will certainly be made fully aware of socialist concerns about Trump with the protests. No doubt flyers will be passed out.

The point is there are no libertarian protests because there are not that many libertarians who are outraged by the incoming Trump administration---and there is a lot to be outraged about.

It is fine and dandy "to go to classes and learn valuable skills" but that goal is a questionable goal these days in the university setting unless you are studying accounting or a hard science, but does anyone think that even students studying hard sciences don't have time for thought and activities outside their major?

I would hope that student libertarians are at least meeting up in discussion groups on campuses.

The major socialist protests developing, however, are an indication that, as I  fear, the Trump years are going to be a boon to socialists. Most students are going to think that the only alternative to Trump is socialism and Trump will do things to cause more and more to look for an alternative and, sadly, the socialists will be there with open arms and open protests.



This comment was made to the referenced post as I was writing the above, It also applies to  what I wrote:
"Sadly, protest on campus is almost entirely coming from wacko social justice warriors."
This is getting really ridiculous now, Wenzel.
Libertarians aren't protesting because college is for STUDYING, not protesting. And here you are expecting them to be just as moronic and insufferable as socialist assholes.
Would you have said any of this if Hillary had won the elections?
Being a watchdog is one thing. Letting your pure hatred for Trump dictate your articles is quite another.
RW note:

It may have slipped the commenters notice but in the part of my post he quotes I am condemning the protests of the SJWs. That is those who are in Hillary's camp. So that might provide a tiny bit of a clue as to how I  might comment if Hillary had been elected.

 But Hillary lost,  so why can't Trump fanboys deal with the current situation and forget about Hillary?

I have no particular hatred of Donald Trump. I have a problem with his insane, idiotic protectionist views. His cuddling up to Israel. And I fear much worse in other areas both domestic and foreign tat time will reveal. There is very little good about Trump. Other than attacking me, Trump fanboys seem to have little to say. That is not impressive advocacy for Trump.


  1. I would put 99% of Libertarian discussion clubs a the bottom of the attendance priority. Libertarians have read plenty of books and articles and yet are largely less than effective about educating, informing or persuading at best 5% of the population.

    Observing socialist student protests might just be a better use of time than a discussion club as the socialists certainly seem to know how to effectively persuade. They persuade people to support destructive programs but they do persuade it would seem.
    I hope that you continue to press Trump fanboys on their assertions. I may qualify as one on occasion. I agree that personal attacks are very poor form but I don't know if poor form equals ineffective.

  2. I am no Trump fan and the point of my small comment was apparently missed. When I wrote that it doesn't matter whether congresscriiters are listening I meant it. If you are a Libertarian campus protests are a completely useless forum for communicating with anyone. The Socialists are not better persuaders, they simply offer a more popular message. "Join our group and we can become powerful enough to vote ourselves some benefits through the force of government." This appeals to most people because they have short-term time preferences and see this as a quicker route to benefit themselves. Libertarianism's NAP prohibits this kind of activity and allows only for voluntary exchange to mutual benefit. This requires a more long-term time preference and can result in greater benefits but only appeals to those with a long-term time preference. Since the short-term time preference people far outnumber the long-term time preference people, Libertarians can never win this political battle. Don't waste your time on it. Focus on meeting the needs of yourself and those closest to you and do your best to stay out of harms way.