Sunday, December 11, 2016

What is Pizzagate?

Warning this will be disturbing if you are normal and have even a tiny moral compass.

There are some jumps in the analysis that I don't buy, but it is clear, at a minimum, that Tony Podesta is a very bizarre dude.




  1. Robert, I am extremely gratified that you are covering this, even if only a cursory look. This is already somewhat out of date.

  2. This video is a decent broad summary, but the foundation, what everything hinges on, is the Podesta emails. The rest could be written off merely as very creepy and even sick. But it is clear that references to pizza, pasta, and so forth in the emails is not literal.

    Consider all the unusual coverage of "fake news" and attempts to paint Comet Ping Pong as just a kid-friendly pizza joint, trying to conflate it with "PizzaGate" while the name originates from the Podesta emails, not the pizza place. Why are the NY Times and WaPo giving so much coverage to a pizza joint? Why is Alefantis, supposedly just the owner of a pizza place, the "49th most powerful person in DC?" Why did Reddit ban the PizzaGate subreddit, while allowing openly pedophilia-related subs?

    An infographic summary:

    For ongoing coverage of the research:

  3. Thank you RW. This is likely the most heroic thing you have ever done. Spread the word.

    I would like to add that while there may be a part here and there that can be explained away in this scandal that does not dismiss the entire thing. These are not professional investigators who have weeks or months to compile evidence in a neat and shiny package error free. These are normal people spending their limited free time on this with emphasis on speed. There may be errors but much of the evidence is damning. My respect for you just increase by 1000%. Thank you.

  4. Whether the pizza gate emails are "coded"; I think it is unlikely. I think it is more likely that wiki (CIA run) is concocting the entire thing including the fake shooting at the Pizza place to give more reasons to stop this "fake news" score to hit our streets.

    For the love of god, lets get these fake news sites shut down.

    More to come which will push regulating fake news/

  5. The video's british accented narrator states "who on earth would pay $65K to fly in Pizza/Dogs from Chicago?"
    I want to give this thing a fair shake and this whole thing reminds me of the very good book, THE FRANKLIN COVERUP.
    However, Obama was a Senator from IL. 2 of Chicago's most iconic food items are Chicago Hot Dogs with giardiniera and Chicago deep dish pizza (A la Gino's Pizzeria). Would someone spend that amount of money flying these things in for a taste of home? Heck, I've been to somewhat modest parties that have spent up to $3K for food items from other states.

    1. All plausible except for the other fact that food cannot be flown into the White House. All food must be cooked on site and purchased through very strict regulations.

  6. John Cathy, do you like pedophiles? Are you a pedophile yourself? Those emails are DKIM signed by Google. Further, John Podesta has not denied their authenticity (in fact, he has disappeared from public view). Even further, in 10 years of operation, not a single item released by Wikileaks has been proven fake. They are not fake.

    Unowned, there are two things. First, the "pizza/hot dogs" cost $65K, NOT INCLUDING TRANSPORT. Even at an absurd $50 per pie, that is not a tenable interpretation. Second, White House policy doesn't allow outside food in, period, for security reasons. Also, this video is is not necessarily the best summary.

    Before Andrew Breitbart died (or was killed), he posted several tweets calling out John Podesta specifically as a pedophile and child trafficker (those tweets are still online). He said he was working on a very big story. This is very likely independent corroboration that PizzaGate is real. It's not going away.

    1. In addition, the guy I'm the email from Stratfor who is being propositioned on the Obama pizzas said that would be exciting, if they use the same "waitresses" - double quotes in the original. Clearly coded.

    2. Shimshon, $50 for a delivered Chicago deep dish pie is, "absurd?" Then you can order the absurdity in abundance directly from here for $54 (maybe there's a 10% discount for orders over $60,000:

      Second, outside food delivery might not be allowed, but do they receive US Mail at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue?
      Third, did this event happen @ the White House or at a nearby address?

      I think it is worth digging into as there are a lot of creepy things here. This stuff should be challenged just like anything. By making the accusations more water tight, the less likely they can be easily dismissed.

      BTW, check out that same video's author other YouTube presentation on the death of Senator Nancy Schaeffer:

      This is only somewhat related but is a

    3. Shimshon, I think you're misinterpreting the tone of Cathy's comment. They are presenting an example of faux public outcry.

  7. Unowned, point taken, but that was not the thrust of his comment. Also, they had "$65K worth" of food delivered. They didn't spend $65K on food and delivery. So, yes, my point stands. $50 per pizza (sans delivery) equates to 1300 pizzas. In any case, on its own, the email would not stand out. But given the massive number of other odd references, any reasonable person would question whether actual pizza and hot dogs are being referenced there as well. One email doesn't make or break anything. We're not a court or even government investigators. We're (not really me, since I just follow what others are doing) just connecting the dots and hoping (and often praying) that justice be done.