Wednesday, December 28, 2016

VIDEO Chomsky Issues Urgent Request To Obama That He Pardon All 11 Million Illegals

Noam Chomsky issued a video message on Friday December 23 regarding undocumented immigrants in the face the possibility that they may be deported under a Trump presidency.



I do not believe undocumenteds working in the U.S. should be harassed, however, I do not believe they should be extended welfare benefits.

It is a more complex situation, from a libertarian perspective, than Chomsky's request suggests. I could go for a pardon with a Welfare Wall.

But should we be "documenting" these people or move in the direction where we all become undocumented?



  1. But it's more than just welfare. Even if we assume this to be inclusive of all handout programs there are all sorts of socialized services, infrastructure, and such that a large influx of people will increase taxes because the additional collection from the immigrants won't make up for the additional usage/need. Much of it is already happening but a pardon will only serve to increase it.

  2. "I could go for a pardon with a Welfare Wall."
    That's not an option for Obama. Further, if they should get a Welfare Wall, they should also get a Tax Wall and not have to pay any taxes.

  3. The illegals need to go. Most of them come from failed crap cultures that have zero ideas about Anglo Saxon law concepts this country was founded upon. It's bad enough way too many Americans are ignorant of this as well. We don't need them here in high doses.

    Yes, I get the part about government papers and such, but the economy will not collapse without these people. We have plenty of millennials that need work and can fill these jobs.

    Too bad Noam does not have to live like us proles next to the problems his ideas would create, but what is else is new from a socialist hypocrite?

  4. "Immigrants use govt services, therefore ban immigrants" is the same logic used to support the drug war. "Drug users cost the tax supported health system, so ban drugs"

    And the logic that supports Obamacare - "Uninsured people cost the tax funded health system, so mandate insurance."

    Every govt intervention becomes a reason for more intervention, and and less freedom. In this logic, until we have complete freedom first, we can't have even partial freedom.

  5. How about just throwing them out? From whence does there right to remain in America over the objections of real Americans stem?

  6. Only braindead 'libertarians' would think there would be no long term negative consequence to importing millions of, what are clearly for the large majority, big government lovers. Yes, by all means, open borders for future Democrat voters, while in the meantime we play "parlor games" (thanks Murray Rothbard) about libertarianism. I'm sure that individual liberty will be coming soon.
    In the meantime, those libertarians can stop from using the services (such as police and fire protection) now provided by government, since apparently those services invite more government interference and therefore, purely on principle, they should be shunned. Correct?
    Or how about the property and NAP rights of everyone who does NOT wish them to be violated by immigrant statists who readily enjoy the ways in which the state allows them to use stolen property? Well, that doesn't count because inconvenient to open borders libertarians. We will just redirect it toward "the government is to blame", as if the voluntary choice of immigrants to make use of government facilitation does not play any part.
    Obviously, the really small number of immigrants that are libertarians or act like libertarians are exonerated from this.

    And does Noam Chomsky not know that Obama has actually kicked well over 2 million illegals out of the country? Why would he appeal to him, except maybe because he believes Obama may be willing to do this out of spite.