Monday, December 26, 2016

Trump: The United Nations Has Great Potential

Okay libertarian Trump fanboys, how are you going to spin this?

This sounds like Trump wants a more activist United Nations.

Murray Rothbard correctly noted the "spokesmen for the left were ardent partisans of the interventionist policy of 'collective security,' a philosophy on which the United Nations was founded."

The last thing a libertraian should want is a more activist United Nations.



  1. And of course, this is why Trump and a majority of conservatives don't like the UN. Not because it has anything to do with national sovereignty or some libertarian type views on local government, but because it does things they don't like. if the UN suddenly changed and everyone there started supporting Israel and calling for the palestinians to be bombed to smithereens, they'd change 180 degrees and become the biggest supporters of the UN.

  2. trump doesn't even know what a libertarian is

    1. He probably thinks its one of those people in the library that helps you find books.

  3. I have never witnessed a newly elected President betray his supporters with such rapidity, and every deception be cloaked by a mercenary pall. Unfortunately Donald Trump's supporters sense no danger at the moment.

  4. Bob, can you distinguish between what is and what could be?

    Actual: The UN is just a club...

    Potential: The UN has such great potential...

    "This sounds like Trump wants a more activist United Nations."

    A tweet, Bob. You've read SJWs Always Lie. Come on. The tweet is the ideal medium to dispense rhetorical bombs. Trump is a rhetorical genius (or, as Scott Adams puts it, a Master Persuader). He is brilliant as distilling rhetoric down to its 140 character essence. Give it up, Bob. Tweets are not the medium for dialectical discourse. Look at how he triggers you over and over.

  5. This tweet is a puzzle as is Donald Trump. I could read this as a move to increase discussion of the United Nations prior to a cutback in funding. I have a strong urge to view Trump though rose colored glasses but when I take them off I still am thinking that there isn't a single word out of his mouth that he might not reverse next week.