Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Trump To Implement More Focused Killing

Antiwar reports that in comments which provide the most detail yet on President-elect Trump’s foreign policy intentions, he laid out a vision of a more focused style of US military intervention abroad, insisting the focus needs to be on “defeating terrorism and destroying ISIS,” as opposed to killing for regime change.

Although I do not believe this is even entirely accurate. I suspect that the U.S. will attempt to change the regime in Iran and it is not entirely clear what methods will be used to attempt such change.

Antiwar goes on to note:
Trump has pledged major expansions in the military, including numbers of troops in the infantry, number of ships and number of warplanes. Military leaders have also said they expect to get significant boosts for additional weapons programs as part of the deal.
Trump has also said he intends to end the sequestration, which nominally caps the size of Congressional military spending bills.

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