Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Trump Gives Carlos Slim the Thumbs Up

So does this mean no wall? Or that the crony Slim gets to build it?



  1. Interesting thing about Slim. He used to be a stock broker and then, all of a sudden, he placed a successfully bid for Mexico's ONLY telephone company, state-owned Telex, which is still today the main and biggest telecommunications company in Mexico. Isn't life beautiful? I'm sure El Presidente Bananero El Trumpo can relate to that.

  2. It means everyone and anyone is kissing Trump's butt and bending a knee to make nice. Trump is in control. He is owning Cucks. Wenzel - open your eyes.

    1. What is this even supposed to mean? "owning Cucks"? Who hasn't bent the knee to every US president over the last 50 years (and remained in power to tell about it)?

      Your dear leader is an economically illiterate, unprincipled megalomaniac

  3. When Trump meets someone he always says that they are great. He is paying it forward.

    He is going to build the wall, Robert. And Francisco Torres has to go.

  4. Come on Bob. At least you're not as breathless as when the "rumors" were circulating that Romney was a shoe-in for Secretary of State. Romney had his ass handed to him, but in such a way that all he could do was smile, awkwardly. Don't you get it by now?

    We already know Trump is no libertarian. Get over it already.

  5. Slim has a big stake in the New York Times.

    I suspect Trump asked/told him to use his influence to start getting more friendly coverage. Very likely some quid pro quo involved, either special benefits for Slim or just avoiding some nasty consequences down the road.

    Trump knows how to wield power.