Thursday, December 8, 2016

Trump Considering Another Military Man; This Time for State

It is getting insane folks.
Here's his view on NATO, not exactly disbanding it:
Could the alliance do more to improve its value proposition in the eyes of a Trump administration? Absolutely.

It should more rapidly and forcefully push all the NATO nations to reach the 2 percent GDP goal. Today, the countries that reach that mark range from the United States to medium-sized countries like the United Kingdom and very small countries like Estonia. It should be the norm throughout the alliance. Although defense spending is rising somewhat on average, the new administration would be in its rights to push for more member states to join the trend. Forcing frequent and detailed assessments of defense spending by all the nations — perhaps by a NATO inspector general — could publicize and push laggards....

Finally, NATO should reach out for other partners who can be formally included in operations on a regular basis — Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Colombia, Finland, Sweden, and Austria all come to mind. Formalizing agreements with these non-NATO but highly capable militaries would increase the value of the alliance. Using NATO as a forum for further constructing partnerships to deal with emergent 21st-century challenges — the so-called Islamic State, cyberattacks from Russia, tension in the Arctic — would increase the alliance’s relevancy.

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