Monday, December 5, 2016

Ivanka Trump Will Move to Washington, DC

Ivanka Trump and her husband, Jared Kushner, are house hunting in Washington as they look to move from New York City to D.C., reports CNN.

“The couple’s planned move with their three children reflects the expectation that Kushner will serve as an adviser to President-elect Donald Trump in some capacity, though the precise role — potentially complicated by nepotism laws — remains to be seen.”

I once held out hope that Ivanka would be a stabilizing influence toward sanity in her father's administration but it turns out she has serious wacko social justice warrior tendencies.

And her husband is the neocons' back channel to Trump's brain. Not good.



It just got worse. The New York Post reports:

Meanwhile, at Trump Tower in New York City, home of the Trump transition team, Ivanka is slated to meet with former Vice President Al Gore to discuss climate change issues, spokesman Jason Miller told reporters Monday.


Via MarketWatch (my bold)

Trump spokesman Jason Miller did not elaborate about the meeting. But the president-elect’s daughter reportedly wants to make climate change an issue while her father is in the White House. Gore is an activist who has founded a nonprofit dedicated to “solving the climate crisis.”


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  1. As much as I dislike Trump, it's hilarious to watch all the bigwigs from Romney to Gore humble themselves and make the pilgrimage to see the new overlord in his towering palace.