Monday, December 5, 2016

How Long Will the Excuse, "Hillary Would Have Been Worse" Work?

Laurence Vance gives us an estimate:
Not Voting Means
 . . .  Not Having to come up with excuses for Trump for the next four years or apologizing for voting for him. And by the way, the excuse that yes, what Trump did is bad, but under Hillary Clinton it would have been worse, will only work for about the first hundred times.
(via LRC)


  1. Come on Wenzel, admit it. Aren't you at least a teeny bit relieved that The Bitch won't be the most powerful person in the world for the next 4 years? If you're not then the only reasonable conclusion is that you have chosen to conveniently overlook the immense danger of a Clinton Presidency because she would have rolled out the red carpet for your much beloved illegal aliens hordes.

    Be careful walking the streets of Sodom By The Sea, I hear the illegals there are the only private residents who are well armed. Wouldn't want you to become the next Kate Steinle or Bologna family.

  2. Wenzel and Vance:

    What is it about Hillary's 'I will enforce a no-fly zone over Syria' that you do not understand?

    1. @Leslie Webb,

      What is it about El Presidente Trumpo's "I will bomb the s..t out of them and murder their families" that makes him a better choice?