Saturday, December 10, 2016

GOP Elector: Not All of Us Are Voting for Trump

The Hill reports:
A Republican presidential elector from Texas says he won’t be the only Republican elector who won't vote for President-elect Donald Trump, ABC News reported.

“I don’t think I will be the only one voting for someone other than Donald Trump who is carrying a Republican elector ticket," he said.
Christopher Suprun says other electors have reached out to him about other potential picks besides Trump. He said the "faithless electors" haven’t selected an alternative yet, after Ohio Gov. John Kasich told electors earlier this week not to write his name down.

"As electors come forward, and I have had conversations with other Republican electors in particular, I think we will start discussing names specifically and see who meets the test that we could all get behind," Suprun said.

Suprun will face long odds in gaining any significant number of Republican votes in the Electoral College. Suprun would need to sway another 36 Republican electors in order to affect the outcome. Some states also have laws against electors voting against their jurisdiction's pick.

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