Thursday, December 1, 2016

DONE Trump Picks Mad Dog Mattis for Secretary of Defense

"Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet." -James Mattis
President-elect Donald Trump has chosen retired Marine Gen. James Mattis as his secretary of defense, reports CNN.

Another crazed nut job who worries about a country, Iran, that couldn't possibly seriously threaten the United States.

Notes CNN, he was a critic of the Iran nuclear deal and said at the Aspen Security Forum in 2013,
when asked about his top concerns as head of US Central Command, "Iran, Iran, Iran."

Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman John McCain, R-Ariz., has praised Mattis as "one of the finest military officers of his generation and an extraordinary leader."

According to The Military Times, in August, the general co-authored a report blasting the last three administrations for a perceived lack of national security vision, saying those leaders have largely ignored threats posed by Russia, China and terrorist groups worldwide.

The warmongers love this guy, see: Neocons Panting for President 'Mad Dog' Mattis




  1. We suppose Wenzel would prefer a non-cis, non-white, trans barbie, who makes soldiers were skirts and is concerned more with social justice, equality, and diversity, then a general whose actual skill is...wait for it...Defense. Whoa! Its WW3 and 4, buy gold, sell the market, its over "suckers," you should've voted for Hillary!

  2. "We will destroy ISIS. At the same time, we will pursue a new foreign policy that finally learns from the mistakes of the past. We will stop looking to topple regimes and overthrow governments, folks. Our goal is stability, not chaos because we wanna rebuild our country. It's time."

    - from his Ohio speech tonight, apparently.

  3. The Middle East: Where all things go exactly as planned!

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