Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Donald Trump's Israel First Policy

I hold no opinion on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and from a libertarian realpolitik perspective do not believe the United States should get entangled in that foreign conflict--on either side.

Philip Giraldi has spelled out a number of the horrific consequences to the United States of Donald Trump's apparent nuclear escalation policy and his Israel First policy. Both policies fly completely in the face of the America First policy of not getting involved in foreign entanglements. -RW

From the Giraldi essay:
On the looney fringe of the foreign and national security policy agenda, the president-elect oddly believes that “The United States must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability until such time as the world comes to its senses regarding nukes.” So to reduce the number of nukes we have to create more of them and put them in more places. Pouring gasoline on a raging fire would be an appropriate analogy and it certainly leads to questions regarding who is advising The Donald with this kind of nonsense.
Trump has promised to “put America first,” but there is inevitably a spanner in the works. Now, with the New Year only six days away and the presidential inauguration coming less than three weeks after that, it is possible to discern that the new foreign policy will, more than under Barack Obama and George W. Bush, be driven in significant part by Israeli interests.
At least Obama had the good sense to despise Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, but that will not be true of the White House after January 20th. Trump’s very first telephone conversation with a foreign head of government after being elected was with Netanyahu and during the campaign, he promised to invite Bibi to the White House immediately after the inauguration. The new president’s first naming of an Ambassador-designate to a foreign nation was of his good friend and bankruptcy lawyer David Friedman to Israel. Friedman had headed Trump’s Israel Advisory Committee and is a notable hard liner who supports the Israeli settler movement, an extreme right-wing political entity that is nominally opposed by existing U.S. government policy as both illegal and damaging to Washington’s interests. Beyond that, Friedman rejects creation of a Palestinian state and supports Israel’s actual annexation of the West Bank.
U.S. Ambassadors are supposed to support American interests but Friedman would actually be representing and endorsing a particularly noxious version of Israeli fascism as the new normal in the relationship with Washington. Friedman describes Jerusalem as “the holy capital of the Jewish people and only the Jewish people.” Trump is already taking steps to move the U.S. Embassy there, making the American government unique in having its chief diplomatic mission in the legally disputed city. The move will also serve as a recruiting poster for groups like ISIS and will inflame opinion against the U.S. among friendly Arab states in the region. There is no possible gain and much to lose for the United States and for American citizens in making the move, but it satisfies Israeli hardliners and zealots like Friedman.
The Trump team’s animosity towards Iran is also part of the broader Israeli agenda. Iran does not threaten the United States and is a military midget compared either to nuclear armed Israel or the U.S. Yet is has been singled out as the enemy du jour in the Middle East even though it has invaded no one since the seventeenth century. Israel would like to have the United States do the heavy lifting to destroy Iran as a regional power. If Washington were to attempt to do so it would be a catastrophe for all parties involved but that has not stopped hardliners from demanding unrelenting military pressure on Tehran.


  1. I am afraid that Donald Trump's presidency will provide Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with an unprecedented level of backing from the United States, that would allow Netanyahu to bulldoze the Palestinians out of the Gaza Strip. The Israeli military loves to mow the grass, as they say when slaughtering Palestinians for launching shoddy little rockets over the barbed wire fence. Trump will applaud the Israeli military as they use gifts from the American taxpayers to lay waste to anything that will allow the grass to survive in situ.

    Trump's presidency will unshackle Benjamin Netanyahu's frenetic aggression.

  2. You seem to care a lot for someone who doesn't care - I'm the same way :-P