Friday, December 16, 2016

Did China Seize the US Drone in Response to Earlier Trump Provocations?

John Schindler, formerly NSA, Naval Security Group, Naval War College, seems to think so.

Seems as strong a case as "Hillary would have gotten us into a nuclear war with Russia." But, hey, Trump can do no wrong, reports the Trump fanboy club.



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  1. For christ sake. You want to talk about fear mongering. Holy hell. And it was because of a Trump phone call? Gimme a break. You keep referencing this Schindler guy, he seems like a run of the mill ex-gov't-official-turned-"journalist" hack.

    DISCLAIMER: I am NOT a Trump fanboy.

    1. We could easily compare this escalating situation to a pair of mafia bosses who have been arguing over territory, and they each have serious problems that could damage them in the near, and long term. One of the mafia bosses is retiring, and his replacement has been vociferously damning the other family to all who would listen. The new mafia don is brash and could care less if his utterances are seen as an insult or not, and neither do his backers. Wise council is what the new mafia don needs to avoid a war, but a another notch on his belt is more important to him than listening to those who know mafia bare knuckle etiquette.

      The Chinese know that they are America's equal, and they have tremendous pride in their countries enormous achievements over 5,000 years. They have been insulted enough, and will suffer no more insulant behavior from boorish newcomers. It is time too let this quiet down for along while, and begin to talk in ways that let them know you heard their message.

    2. So the perpetrator of a crime is not guilty of the crime he perpetrated, the guilty party is the preferred scapegoat among some opposition, arbitrarily chosen?

      Why pick Trump? Many other public persons and high profile pundits, politicos, not just in the U.S. but allies of the U.S. as well, make critical remarks of China. Max Boot has been criticizing China for quite some time making challenging threats over the South China Sea daring China to be assertive. China could just as easily taken an opportunity to show Max Boot and his Neocons and the Wall-Street liberal interventionists at the CFR that they won't be intimidated. The CFR crowd has been in power - real power - for a long time carrying out policy, why not blame them?

      According to this logic I could just as well randomly choose one of them as guilty of a whole assortment of other countries crimes.

      Shall we blame Trump when a Chinese diplomat hits their for child because he upset over U.S. Taiwanese relations?

      Hillary fangirls are nuts.

  2. Since when has a neocon worry about war or doing something stupid like provoking or antagonizing a nuclear power - let's say Russia and Hillary or U.S. naval ships getting too close for Russia's comfort? While, yes, China is irritated (maybe), Schindler's a neocon and will take every opportunity to undermine Trump's presidency or until he bends his knee to the CIA.

    This is not China's first event on capturing U.S. government's military property or personnel. Remember the flight crew that was supposedly NOT spying on China? Nor is it U.S. government's first time being captured. False flag or not Iran captured Naval personnel recently. Basically, the U.S. government does stupid things.

    Schindler may be right about Trump provoking China to some degree, but he has his own agenda. He is an enemy of freedom and his information is very well twisted.

  3. So its not Obama(or Bush or insert favorite POTUS) and his white house at fault when they do the actual ordering and actual driving of actual real vessels and other vehicles of reconnoitering and encroachment, or when interventionism abroad gets tripped up. Nope, its the oppositions criticism of the policies that is at fault. Excellent logic.

    So applying this consistently, according to Wenzel: if a man tweets that a Muslim should be more tolerant of homosexuals dancing at night clubs, its not a criminals fault when he then murders gays at night-clubs. No, it's the person who vocally expressed his opposition toward violence based on sexual preference, because hurting the criminals feelings triggered a murdering rampage?

    Wenzel is a philosophical scholar that rivals Socrates, Plato and Aristotle put together.


    Should US Navy even be there?

  5. I really hope cooler heads prevail in this episode and this is just a badly timed riff in U.S.-Chinese relations and NOT escalate into something much worse.

  6. Another example of Wenzel's willingness to fault Trump for most everything he can. I'm no Trump fanboy but Wenzel's endless need to denigrate him is starting to grate on my nerves and I find myself visiting here less and less.

    That's the free market at work. Reap what you sow.

    1. Sorry, Wenzel I agree with Charles. It has been painful to come here and read your site since the election. The only words that continue to come to mind are "sour grapes". I had to stop for a couple of weeks. BTW, I am NOT a Trump fanboy.

  7. Is there anything that

    1. Is not Trumps fault?
    2. Is not a conspiracy of the Russians?

    I didn't know the non-president had so much power.

    Was the Iranian capture of American sailors Trumps fault for speaking against the nuclear deal in a yet unknown future?

    I didn't know Iran had a time-machine.