Friday, December 2, 2016

Confusion Amongst the Trump Fan Boy Set

In support of Trump at the post, Learn How to Fight the Statists..., a commenter writes:
Who is more knowledgable. Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump? Skill in persuasion trumps knowledge. Read Scott Adams and learn persuasion to fight and defeat the bad guys.
I have never said that Trump wasn't more persuasive. In fact, I have written many times the exact opposite that "Hillary couldn't get a wave going at a baseball park."

The fact that he is much more capable of being persuasive as a leader is what makes him more dangerous---given that he seems to have no appreciation for liberty.

Lot's of people can get crowds going, that should not be the defining characteristic we look for in a leader (to the degree we look for a leader at all).


Give me boring, plodding, non-creative, non-persuasive Hillary any day.



  1. Except Hillary wouldn't be "non-creative" because she would be just a figurehead who would have others come up w policies. And all these politicians are crooked too so she would probably be able to "convince" a lot of them to vote for what she wanted. Plus she won the popular vote and would say "mandate" (then again, Trump says that and he didn't win the popular vote).

    1. Obamacare and Dodd-Frank didn’t get a single Republican vote in the House when it passed. Even with a huge Democrat majority in the House, Obamacare barely passed. Hillary wouldn’t have had a Democrat ruled House to approve of her proposals.

      Further, the record wrt liberty when Republicans control both the Presidency and both chambers of Congress has been horrible. Its fallout is what gave Democrats that same control of the federal government when Obama was elected. History is repeating itself.

  2. Hillary would be more persuasive than trump by a factor of 100. NYtimes, CNN, NBC, would be shilling for her 24/7. Please explain to us how that lacks persuasiveness?

    Any opposition to hillary in govt would be removed or bulled into submission just like was done under obama. All the people pissed off would have no recourse but to complain online, the MSM would make it seem the whole country was behind her. No doubt websites like this one would come under FCC pressure in a matter of months and likely be silenced. You are very wrong on this RW.

  3. "Give me boring, plodding, non-creative, non-persuasive Hillary any day."

    Maybe RW, you haven't been keeping up with Hillary's evil exploits? Selling state secrets to SA and Qatar (via her private unsecured server) and otherwise doing their bidding, turning Libya and Syria into hellholes, actively enabling the rise of ISIS, fomenting the migrant crisis in Europe, instigating the Ukrainian crisis, stealing $$$$ from Haiti, threatening Russia and Iran with war and on and on... I don't support Trump but I don't support Killary either.

    Il Duce Trump hasn't even taken office yet. Time will tell.

    But with a clear conscience my vote was to not vote (which I consider the consistent libertarian position). And my vote not to vote was a vote AGAINST this crap system that has given us a choice between these two really crappy choices.

    No matter whether Trump won or Hillary, the American people still lose.