Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Chinese State Media: Trump is Unable "To Keep His Mouth Shut"

Chinese state media warned the U.S. that "messing up China-U.S. relations won't help 'make America great again,’" a direct response to President-elect Donald Trump's call with Taiwan's president over the weekend and his subsequent anti-China tweets, reports The Hill.

The rhetoric comes via a front-page opinion piece in the overseas edition of People's Daily, the biggest newspaper group in China.

It characterizes Trump as a "diplomatic rookie" who would be ill-advised to challenge the communist nation’s positions on matters such as trade and Taiwan.

"Provoking friction and messing up China-US relations won't help 'make America great again,'" the op-ed warns.

Another state-run Chinese media outlet, the Global Times, featured a front-page story on Trump's "inability to keep his mouth shut", and slammed what it called his "provocation and falsehoods."



  1. Get The Popcorn! China uses the media to criticize Trumps foreign policy. I thought the communist were more intelligent then this.

  2. I'm wondering what is the libertarian reason to not talk to Taiwan. Is there a theoretical basis for this, that to talk to Taiwan because China said not to is an anti-libertarian position, or is it a practical thing?

  3. I agree, It so fun to see libertarians defend Communist China and say it is a mistake to talk to other nation. Talking to Taiwan in no way contradicts the non-aggression principle. Selling $50 billion in arms certainly could.

  4. I wonder if Trump will talk to the Dai Lama next. Tibet is occupied by China and considered part of China which both the Communists and Nationalists both agree on. Both parties also agree on a single China that includes Taiwan that the Nationalists fled to, took over, and eventually gave up to the native Taiwanese which the Communist don't control. It might take several more generations of Communist Party leaders just as it took Chiang Kai-shek's son to pass away before peaceful reunification or secession occurs. The Chinese civil war is not over yet.