Sunday, December 4, 2016

BREAKING Trump Tweetstorm Against China

Donald Trump is likely just responding in his latest Twitterstorm to critics who raised concerns about his conversation  with Tsai Ying-wen, the president of Taiwan and how it will impact relations with China. But this Twitterstorm does not make clear at all that he means no attack on China.

As I wrote at the time of the call:
 If Trump makes clear that he just wants to be a good friend to all nations that is fine, but if he doesn't make this absolutely clear to China it is remarkably provocative.
The Twitterstorm just takes it to a new bizarre level very close to outright provocation for no damn reason.

I have no doubt Trump fanboys will see this as a heroic move.



  1. "Trump FanBoy" is just a veiled way to insult Walter Block and LFT.

    The potheadtarians get more cuck everyday.

  2. The only problem with this tweet is Trump not calling out the FED on manipulating the currency also. He has made this point many times and it is true.

  3. Did the US ask China if it could build military bases in Japan, Philippines,
    and South Korea? I don't think so!!!

    Mr. Trump climbing to the summit of his arrogance.

  4. I love how somehow the scary "Chinese" is all it takes to make these people all of a sudden become hard money, free market, honest money advocates. But somehow it only goes as far as China. Is there any explanation for how so many people's brains can work this way.