Thursday, December 15, 2016

BREAKING Trump Meets with Judge Andrew Napolitano Regarding Supreme Court Nomination

Judge Andrew Napolitano, who serves on the Ron Paul Institute Advisory Board in addition to being the senior judicial analyst at Fox News, met for an hour Thursday with President-elect Donald Trump at Trump Tower in New York City. Napolitano related in an interview with Fox Business host Stuart Varney that “the vast bulk of what” Trump and Napolitano “spoke about was the intellectual, ideological, temperamental qualities that [Trump] should seek in a replacement for Justice [Antonin] Scalia” whose place on the court has remained vacant since Scalia died in February.

(via The Ron Paul Institute)


  1. early April Fools??

  2. Judge Napolitano to the SC (we can dream)would nullify (in substantial part) almost all of the negative commentary from Wenzel about Trump. I'll believe it when I see it, however.

  3. Pleeeze oh Pleeeze oh Pleeeeeeze!!!!!

  4. Is Wenzel telling his subscribers of the EPJ alert to buy cheap puts before December 19?

    How many people have on their radar the possible black-swan event of the CIA flipping the electoral college?

    my portfolio is protected I'll tell you that much!

  5. I believe the Judge lives in Trump Tower as does Kellyanne Conway. I'm quite sure they have all run into each other in the elevator over the past decade.

  6. I will profusely apologize, in public, for everything bad I said about Trumpussolini if he succeeds in getting The Judge on the SC.

    I'm surprisingly happy about this.

  7. Its clear Trump is preferable to a Hillary presidency. Does anyone think that Hillary would consult with the Judge for one HOUR? One second?

    How anyone could say that Hillary would be preferable over Trump when it is obvious how desperate the corrupt deep-state establishment is: riots, then recounts, russian fake news, now electoral rigging? Bob Baer is out doing PR for the CIA deep-state to rig the electors? Reeks of panic.

    Trump is no libertarian, sure, but come on, this is clearly a necessary step to open a space for new voices to be heard other than the Demopubs duopoly

    Go Judge!

    1. The 2016 HHH is ridiculously better than the old '60's HHH, eh?

  8. Might Andrew Napolitano be nominated? Yes. Will he be nominated? Nobody but Donald Trump knows. Time will tell. I'd say the odds are certainly less than 50%.

  9. Trump met with Napolitano because he believes a President Trump can profit materially all he wants using the office without violating the Constitution. Trump only cares about Trump. The Clause cited in the article is not the one typically cited on this subject. That one is Article I, Section 9, Clause 8.

  10. All this cheering about Judge Napolitano potentially getting on the SC.
    It's just ONE guy. The rest are statists. What influence can he possibly have in general? And the next president basically nullifies him with another authoritarian appointment. This is like spitting in the wind.
    Napolitano should have gotten a position in the actual administration.