Thursday, December 8, 2016

Bipartisan Group of Senators Urge Trump to be Tough on Russia

Let's see how President-elect Donald Trump responds to this. Most of the generals he has appointed or nominated are at least suspicious of Russia and it is unlikely that any view Vladimir Putin's move in Crimea as defensive,

A bipartisan group of 27 senators is calling on President-elect Donald Trump to stand up to Russian "aggression" against Ukraine, reports The Hill.

“Quite simply, Russia has launched a military land-grab in Ukraine that is unprecedented in modern European history,” the senators wrote in a letter to Trump on Thursday.

“These actions in Crimea and other areas of eastern Ukraine dangerously upend well-established diplomatic, legal and security norms that the United States and its NATO allies painstakingly built over decades – a historically bipartisan global security framework that has greatly served U.S. security and economic interests," they continued.

“We believe it is in our vital national security interest to uphold these norms and values, and prevent America’s commitment to its allies and ideals from being called into question.”

The letter was led by Sens. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) and Rob Portman (R-Ohio), co-chairs of the Senate Ukraine Caucus, and was signed by 11 other Republicans and 14 other Democrats.

In their letter, the senators urged Trump to step up aid to Ukraine.

“In light of Russia’s continued aggression and repeated refusal to respect Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereign right to choose its own destiny, we also renew our call for the United States to increase political, economic and military support for Ukraine,” they wrote. “This includes defensive lethal assistance as part of a broader effort to help Ukrainians better defend themselves, deter future aggression and implement key structural reforms.”

They also said Russia has “made a mockery” of the Minsk Agreement to end the conflict in Ukraine and so sanctions should not be lifted.

“We believe that Russia’s illegal annexation of Crimea should never be accepted, nor should we lift sanctions imposed on Russia for its behavior in eastern Ukraine until key provisions of the Minsk Agreement are met,” they wrote. “Accordingly, US leadership on maintaining such transatlantic sanctions should remain a priority.”



  1. Maybe the Post could investigate this move by "Following the Money". Hahahahahahahaha

  2. The hypocrisy of these people about other nations is beyond stunning.

    And even aside from that, would Russia have done any of this had the U.S. in collaboration with the E.U. not stuck its big fat nose in Ukraine's internal business and brought NATO virtually up to Russia's borders?