Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Who Really Runs Donald Trump?

It's Rudy Giuliani and the Mercer family.

Rudy played an important deep state role in getting Trump elected.

And the money backing up Trump has been money from the super-neocon Mercer Family.

They appear to own Trump's new top adviser Steve Bannon.

The latest from The Daily Beast:
A campaign watchdog group filed a complaint with federal campaign officials that alleges Stephen Bannon—recently named one of Donald Trump’s top White House advisors—may have gotten paid illegally during Trump’s campaign by pro-Trump billionaires.
And now, a new set of FEC filings that haven’t yet been reported on may give the group’s case some additional heft.
At issue are payments of nearly $200,000 that a super PAC called Make America Number 1 made to a company tied to Bannon. On Aug. 17, Bannon left his post as chairman of Breitbart News and became the Trump campaign’s CEO. Available FEC filings show that the campaign didn’t pay Bannon a salary. Larry Noble, who heads the Campaign Legal Center, said he believes the super PAC covertly paid Bannon for his campaign work through his moviemaking company. Neither the super PAC nor Bannon provided a response to Noble’s comment.

In an Oct. 6 complaint to the Federal Election Commission, the Campaign Legal Center argued that Robert and Rebekah Mercer—a father-daughter duo who give generously to conservative causes and candidates—broke federal campaign laws by paying Bannon for his work so the campaign wouldn’t have to shoulder the cost. Robert Mercer is a reclusive billionaire hedge fund manager, and his daughter oversees much of his political giving. She’s also on Trump’s transition team.

Forget the Trump family, the real power exists with the Mercer family.



  1. Interesting. Mercers actually bet against Trump before he won nomination.

    The family originally backed Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, a more traditional conservative but one who, like Mr. Trump, is disliked by much of the party establishment. During the early phase of the campaign, Mr. Mercer donated $13 million to a super PAC supporting Mr. Cruz. In doing so, he broke with many peers in the elite donor world, who looked to candidates like Jeb Bush or Senator Marco Rubio of Florida.

    The Mercers maintained close control over the group’s purse strings, installing Ms. Conway to oversee the group and coordinate with several other pro-Cruz groups, an unusual move for a super PAC. During the Republican primary, the group ran ads questioning Mr. Trump’s conservative credentials, hoping to outflank Mr. Trump.


  2. I think I'd rather have the wicked war witch pointing her finger in my face on the omnipresent CNNs (elevators, bars, restaurants, auto repair waiting rooms, etc), than them resurrecting this lisping, false toothed piece of crap.

    When I am forced to think of Guliani, the first thing I think of--before the "9/11, 9/11" grandstanding, before the "I've never heard anything like that" response to Ron Paul's informing him about blowback, before Ron's Rudy's Reading List press conference, and before the mass warrantless feel ups, I think of the buffet tables piled high with stolen cocaine, stacks of cash, and guns that he would feature in his 1980's NY Prosecutor TV spectacles. I can only imagine what kind of showboating is in store for us this time as he puts a glorious end to ISIS the same way he decisively won the 1980's Cocaine Wars--maybe we'll get heads on pikes in the public square.

  3. Who better than a criminal to run the newly elected crime family:

  4. One wonders if you could possibly have found a less credible source for this post than the leftard headcases at The Daily Breast. What's next, video clips of those hideous harpies at The View?

  5. No matter who is the real string puller behind Trump one thing is for sure; he's a lefist.