Thursday, November 3, 2016

The Washington D.C. Trump International Hotel

While still in D.C., I stopped by the new Washington D.C. Trump International Hotel last night.

It truly is a spectacular hotel.

.The lobby is vast, open and has a great feel. It would be a fun place to meet someone. The picture below is just of half the lobby.

This is a picture from the mezzanine of the full lobby. 

Below is Denise. She is a bartender at one of the lobby bars. She met Donald Trump when he was in town last week because that lighted background behind her is of old personal mailboxes. The hotel is a converted former U.S. Post Office building.

When Donald was in town, his daughter Ivanka wanted to show him the mailbox background.


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  1. Oh the glory of the imperial capital. Good thing that outsider Trump is gonna drain the swamp. /s