Thursday, November 3, 2016

The Debate: Walter Block vs. Nick Gillespie on Donald Trump

Dr. Block slams Dr. Gillespe at approximately the 1:37:47 mark.


  1. Attaboy, Walter Block. Those who betray their benefactors have a special place in the 4th ring of the 9th circle.

  2. Title / subject matter?

    Walter just dives into the campaign...

  3. The format only shows until 103 minutes. There is no 1:37:47 on this end.

  4. Every debate I've ever watched Block in - and I've watched 3 - he's constantly complaining about his opponent interrupting.

    Since Gillespie wouldn't say if he preferred Trump to Clinton, Block could have instead asked him to rank the candidates from best to worst.

    At first I thought, good on Walter for taking Gillespie to task for his "vile" commentary on the NYT's treatment of Block. Gillespie should print an apology in Reason. Then I read Gillespie's blog on the NYT commentary and he doesn't mention Block. He quotes from the article where it referenced what Block said about the daily life of a slave, but he doesn't explicitly make judgement or commentary on it one way or the other.

    Gillespie comments (referring to Mises Institute and Block): "In the piece, which includes interviews with Paul, he refuses to take the bait about "paleolibertarians" and apologias for the Confederacy that tripped up his father.

    After reading the Gillespie piece, I don't think he intended to smear Block, I think it's just his glib writing style. But I can see how Block took it that way especially given the tremendous backlash he received.

    It is shocking that Reason, the supposed magazine of Free Minds and Free Markets, did not follow up the NYT story with their own interview of Block. Apparently Reason is happy to let its readers believe that Block supports slavery and that the Mises Institute is a bogeyman that the libertarians who read that magazine should avoid. So I'm back full circle that Gillespie should apologize in print to Block and give him an interview in Reason to update on his libel case against the NYT and to set the record straight.

    It's one thing for politician Rand Paul to evade and avoid "gotcha" questions from nasty journalists about slavery, but entirely different for Reason magazine.

    1. and this is why libertarians should stop going to Reason. as Block said, Thick Libertarianism doesn't help anybody