Monday, November 28, 2016

The Curious Twitter Feed of 7-Year Old Bana Alabed

Daniel McAdams tweets:

Also of note, The Twitter account was only open this September.

Almost all those followed (96 as I write) via her twitter account (as "managed by her mother") are foreign news correspondents. And most bizarre Mia Farrow.

A snippet of those the 7-year old is following:


  1. Sounds like another incubator babies BS.

  2. Yeah, because when you're a refugee and a being bombed, you have elecricity, and a computer.

  3. Hey, wasn't Twitter on that Fake News list? Uh.

    1. Well, see, this is just proof that The Fake News list is on the up and up and we better LISTEN to the Washington Post when they tell us who not to listen to or read. Because **bombed refugees with smartphones**!!!

  4. But but but we must have boots on the ground even though we had complete confidence on our good, bad and ugly terrorists.

    - White House

  5. The more things change the more they stay the same.

    Remember the Maine!