Sunday, November 6, 2016

Student Introducing Bernie Sanders at Clinton Rally SLAMS Hillary Gets Escorted Off Stage


  1. The real question is, how did Bernie segue into a pro-Clinton speech after that heroic introduction?

    Put the nickel in the cup, watch the monkey dance.

  2. It appears that isn't a Hillary rally per se, it's just a pro-DNC rally at a school, and Hillary certainly doesn't show up to these. Also explains why some of them cheer on at the guy after he dissed on Hillary.

  3. I'm no lawyer but I think the student has a pretty good case for being assaulted by the sweater wearing goon who grabs him and forces him off stage. If the sweater wearing goon isn't undercover LEO (which I doubt) then he used force against the speaker without any legal authority to do so.

    That kid should press charges against Baldy The Sweater Man.