Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Spotted Outside the Offices of Reason Magazine in Washington D.C.

Here's the latest from the bottom half of the Johnson ticket:



  1. Libertarian Party, huh?

  2. If the insinuation is that the Reason staff is OK with this, you would be wrong:

    "[...]expending valuable time and energy on defending his running-mate's chief opponent one week before Election Day will likely be the final straw among Libertarians and libertarians who never trusted the former Massachusetts governor in the first place. He was supposed to bring media credibility, fundraising panache, and a path to 15 percent (let alone 5). [...] Plenty of libertarians wanted to wring his neck long before watching him smirk through sentences tonight such as, "I talk with Gary every other day; we're on different coasts, usually. But we keep in touch."

    Libertarian Lisa Kennedy Montgomery (host of the Fox Business News "Kennedy") had a very contentious interview with Gary Johnson's running mate about three weeks ago, asking him directly if he was in the race for himself; and last night, during her interview with Gary Johnson, she flat out asked him to drop his running mate just before thanking Gary for appearing, which did not elicit a response from the Libertarian party nominee.

  3. He's not even close to winning. I'm not going to abandon the LP just because Bill Weld sucks. There's always another election.