Saturday, November 26, 2016

Rand Paul for Secretary of State?

The following exchange took place between Brian Darling and me.

From Brian Darling:
My latest at Conservative Review

Senator Rand Paul, R-Ky/ (A, 92%) would make an excellent secretary of state. 
With all the talk of people who are being vetted for different positions in President-elect Donald J. Trump’s administration, Sen. Paul would be an excellent choice to join. I am a former Rand Paul staffer (so I am biased) and believe that there are three reasons why Senator Paul would be the best choice to be the next secretary of state.
 RW response:
You misread Trump. US combat troops in Syria/Iraq within 100 days of Trump's presidency, reinforcements in Afghanistan and active destabilization efforts in Iran.
Darling response:
Possibly, but I am merely using quote of Trump from the campaign that sounded quite a bit like Rand's foreign policy.  My argument was that the rhetoric used by Trump during the primaries sounded like Rand Paul rhetoric.  If he does implement the laundry list that you have rolled out, then I will be very disappointed by Trump's rhetoric not matching his actions on foreign policy.
  RW response:
Prepare to be disappointed. 


  1. I am as disappointed in the Trump administration's choices for staff as you, but Rand would be a powerful counter balance to the NeoCons.

  2. He needs rand in the Senate actually.

    1. I don't care what he needs. I would just as well Rand Paul continue with his current job.