Friday, November 18, 2016

Peter Thiel Has Created a Secret Database to Screen Out Those Disloyal to Trump

Peter Thiel and others working on the Donald Trump transition have launched a secret database called the 'Plum List' to screen out disloyal Trump administration applicants and recruit prospective hires from outside the traditional Beltway channels, sources tell the

Sources said the list is being spearheaded by Thiel, who was appointed to a top spot on Trump's transition team last Friday.

The Daily Mail continues:
'Peter and a number of people are running a secret "Plum List", which is a way of screening out bad people,' said one source involved with the project. 'It's basically a way to do all the background checks.'
Another Thiel ally billed it as an 'official, unofficial way to fast-track' qualified applicants, particularly those who come from outside the typical Washington, DC, think tank-consultant nexus.
The list will primarily focus on recruiting staffers for science and technology, the areas Thiel has been tasked with in the transition process.
However, sources close to Thiel said he has taken a broad view of his directive, and will be looking at candidates for the FDA, the FCC, and federal trust issues as well.
The database will also include generalist candidates who could be placed in a range of administration roles, and ambassadorial candidates...Applicants will be screened and color-coded in the database – with an emphasis on whether they have shown loyalty to Donald Trump through the election...
The vetting process includes a heavy focus on social media. Insiders say they will be looking closely at prospective staffers' online postings – even ones they may have deleted.


  1. You mean loyal people like Romney who had so many nice things to say about him?

  2. Here's my #1 and #2 bogeymen: FDA, EPA.
    I guess we couldn't realistically get anybody better to choose the heads than Thiel.
    I don't know his position on "climate change" (gag).

  3. He needs to use EPA and FDA, interior, education etc to lure dem Senators in states with republican governors to take positions outside the Senate. Then have republican governors appoint repub senators to give him a solid majority in Senate before nominating supreme court judges for confirmation.

    Pack the senate, then get a conservative constitutional minded majority on the court.

  4. Is Dr. Block going out for a position?