Friday, November 18, 2016

On The Man Trump Has Asked to Be His National Security Adviser

Do not underestimate the significance of Retired Lieutenant General Michael Flynn in the Trump Administration. This is the guy that is going to get Trump into wars.

NYT on Michael Flynn:

General Flynn, for instance, has said that Shariah, or Islamic law, is spreading in the United States (it is not). His dubious assertions are so common that when he ran the Defense Intelligence Agency, subordinates came up with a name for the phenomenon: They called them “Flynn facts.”...

Islamist militancy poses an existential threat on a global scale, and the Muslim faith itself is the source of the problem, he said...

“He is a very talented information gatherer,” said Sarah Chayes of the Carnegie Endowment in Washington, who worked with General Flynn when he ran military intelligence in Afghanistan from 2009 to 2011.

“But his thinking process is not sufficiently analytical to test some streams against others and make sense of it, or draw consistent conclusions,” she said. “If you listen to him, in 10 minutes you’ll hear him contradict himself two or three times.”

From Reuters:

Representative Adam Schiff, the senior Democrat on the House intelligence committee, questioned Flynn's temperament, saying Trump needs someone more steady and "thorough in their analysis" to temper him.

"I'm not sure that's what you get with General Flynn. And I would be worried about an impulsive president with an impulsive security adviser," Schiff told CNN.


In a leaked email, Colin Powell called Flynn a "fucking lunatic."


  1. It looks like the Trump' Administration will be "Hope and Change" part two, and that they intend to double-down on Obama's habit of laying waste to enemies both real and imagined.

    I think the only thing that will wake up delusional conservatives, and libertarians is when the military starts drafting their daughters for war. But to be honest, a lot of Republicans would gladly sacrifice their daughters as long as they can continue to worship the flag and sing the holy national anthem at the NFL stadium of their choice.

    1. You got it, 'blade. BTW, does the fact that the new National Security Adviser will be a "fucking lunatic" put a chill on your morning?