Saturday, November 12, 2016

OMG It Is Going to Be Much Worse Than I Thought

I wasn't expecting much from a Donald Trump administration but indications are that it is going to be absolutely horrific. Former Reagan Attorney General and the neocon Heritage Foundation fellow Edwin Meese is on the transition team as is former Dick Cheney adviser Ado Machida. Meese told CNN that in general, the transition is going "very well," and suspected the heavy involvement from key Heritage personnel shows that his think tank will have a strong influence on Trump.


  1. Meese is still alive?
    Crap. I was hoping all these old guard guys would die. Soon, of natural causes of course.
    It's not to hard to figure Trump, iron sharpens iron. If this is Trumps iron, we should expect nothing.
    Not that I ever did.
    I'm an Anarchist.
    I hate the State.
    Down with the presidency, down with congress, down with the State.
    No Kings, No priests.
    Thinking we can play their game and make any change is so foolish, how dumb can we be? How many times do we have to be fooled, to get it?
    I say "we" in a subjective way of course.

    "We don't need no water let the M****er burn".

    Let the State burn.

    Living in a land 50 miles from Russia, I am hopeful we don't have nuclear war with them now.

    But a push for Liberty?


  2. Damn, here I was expecting Ayn Rand and FA Hayek to be joining his cabinet. Of course the hawks are circling, the question is, how does Trump handle it when he takes the reigns.

  3. What do you think is going to happen on the homefront? Will these people continue to destroy civil liberties? Newt Gingrich, for one, wants a new House Un-American Committee, supposedly to combat ISIS.

  4. For all the hand ringing that came from the neocons over Trump, nothing is going to change on the foreign policy front, just no war with Russia

    1. I think you are right on the money NY Cynic.
      But, I do have to admit, no war with Russia is quite appealing!

  5. This meets the the definition of insanity, but psychopathy is all I have witnessed emanating out of the federal government since the day I was born. I never expected to live out the rest of my natural born life in a country with a sane foreign policy, but now I know our fate will be be decided by ghouls who feast on pain and death.

  6. Cut the hysterics, Robert.
    You're pretending he is going to be even worse than Bush/Obama/Hillary. At worst he will be business as usual. At best at least the U.S. won't have Hillary Clinton actually banning America's last true line of defense: gun rights.
    Maybe Trump is more horrible than usual because he has certain libertarians, like Justin Raimondo and Walter Block, carrying his jock strap, but for that you can blame those libertarians, rather than faint over a Trump win.

    1. Robert is not being hysterical, he understands that you know what a person is by who they choose to be surrounded by right after the glare of the election wanes. Your first solid tell will be who is chosen as Trump's Chief of Staff, and from that point forward it will be all down hill into the bowels of a hot tyranny.

  7. Meese believes there are only three federal crimes under the constitution, treason, piracy on the high seas and counterfeiting... I would like to see him live this assertion...

    "Meese explains that federalizing crime contradicts constitutional principles. The U.S. Constitution gave Congress jurisdiction over only three crimes: treason, counterfeiting, and piracy on the high seas and offenses against the law of nations. Responsibility for public safety rests solely in the domain of the states."