Friday, November 11, 2016

Okay, So We Stopped World War 3, Now What?

Dr. Walter Block and others have championed the idea that a Donald Trump victory over Hillary Clinton is to be cheered because Hillary was a threat to start World War 3.

I think this is a stretch. She was a criminal and took payoffs from every tinpot dictator on the planet. Would she not take payoffs from Russia?

As a matter of fact, she did. For a $31 million donation, she allowed a Russian company to gain control of 20% of the U.S. uranium supply.

But let's assume for a minute that Dr. Block is correct that the Trump victory has stopped World War 3. That mission has been accomplished.

Now that the threat of World War 3 has been taken off the table shouldn't we be treating Trump just like any other politician?

Where are the negative articles about Trump from the libertarians that are supporting Trump, given he has indicated policies that often stand in direct conflict with liberty.

To be sure, there is nothing wrong with cheering Trump on when he makes a decision that advances liberty but why should we give Trump, or for that matter, any president a blanket pass.

Where is the criticism of Trump when it is warranted?

I am told that when Ron Paul was doing well during the 2008 presidential campaign a number of hardcore libertarians were sitting around a table having drinks when one of them said, "What are we going to do if Ron gets elected?"

The late great libertarian Burt Blumert immediately responded, "Well, we start a impeach Ron Paul campaign immediately."

The tongue-in-cheek remark by Blumert, who was a great Ron Paul supporter, underlined a number of key points. Libertarians do not want to be ruled by anyone and once in office the pressures to bend to the dark state are great.

It does not need to be said that Trump is no Ron Paul. Many of the names being floated for positions in a Trump administration are horrific. It is very difficult to see how anything good will come from these people in terms of policy and shrinking the government.

The libertarian dams must be opened. We have staved off World War 3. Now we must attack and destroy all policy proposals and enactments that come from a Trump Administration that do not fall in line with a shrinking of government.

I remind libertarians of what Murray Rothbard once wrote:
Give us back the antistatist radicals, and harmony would indeed reign triumphant within the movement.
Pretty much all of flyover country is going to support Trump. He doesn't need nor deserve our support for a likely very questionable rule. It is time to return to our radical antistatist roots and call out Trump each and every time he attempts to expand the state.



  1. 100% agree. The very fact that the statist evil nemesis of Ron Paul, Rudy Giuliani, is at the top of Trump's list, should tell us all we need to know. This is not going to be good for liberty.

  2. I admit I voted for Trump (in large part because Hillary had to be stopped) but I'm in full agreement we now need to call him out when he goes against liberty. As you have pointed out, the names he's floating for cabinet positions are horrible. He's going to have a short "honeymoon" if he thinks he can hire establishment/neocon types when he got elected as a "drain the swamp" candidate.

  3. Consider Trump as a one shot cannon. It proved to be an asset as it blew Hills to smithereens. Yea! But now it's work is done. It's no longer an asset but a liability. Throw it aside. Let's move on. To the barricades, boys and girls!

  4. How do you think libertarians did at calling out Bush?

    1. Not sure if that is a sarcastic comment but I would say we did a good job calling about bush. The swell of hate for him drove many of us to discover ron paul.

      When trump gets bad and he probably will, we will call him out too. Honeymoons dont last long.

  5. "Do you Hate the State"? This should be the underlying question Libertarians ask themselves in regards to everything State.
    I was asked today in a conversation who I voted for, while the guy was staring at my "I didn't vote today" sticker on my jacket. He quickly stopped and said, "oh yeah, never mind".
    I have to go through military security to get to my home, everyday I leave my home. We own property that is behind a military base that has no way in or out without going through base.
    This has let me have so many conversations with military folks the last 10 years...
    The night of the election... "did you guys vote?" Uh, well, trump is ahead".
    "Who do you want to win? Or can you talk about that"?
    One soldier, " I don't know" he turns to another soldier," can we talk about that"?
    Soldier 2 asks, " well, who did you vote for"?
    I replied, I don't vote, I don't want any president to rule over me".
    He replied," oh yeah, self governance right"?!
    I said "yes".
    He said," right on, that's what I'm talking about".

    Some hope, maybe?

  6. I agree politicians are ticks and leeches and should be treated as such, but it's only three days after the election. He hasn't done anything other than meet with people. Mr Rockwell also had a post concerned with one of the names floating out there for cabinet members. I think libertarians are worried about that, but no decisions have been made that I have heard about.