Sunday, November 20, 2016

Lying Mainstream Media

The full quote:


  1. The MSM must continue to be publicly shamed. Never back down from them.

  2. Doesn't ICE have an active database of everyone that is here on visas and other non-resident statuses? If so, then they can search out anyway they want. Do you want to know all the Jews that are here from abroad, then index the list that way. Do you want to know all the people from Korea? Then index out that way. If the ICE were competent, then you could get stats and origin locations in real time.

    Thus this whole matter is purely incendiary designed by a crooked media to inflame reactionaries.

  3. --- "I'm not gonna rule out anything, but we're not gonna have a registry based on a religion." ---

    The complete quote sounds even worse, because it lets it known Priebus has a problem with basic LOGIC.

    I'm not gonna rule out anything but we're not having a surprise party tomorrow.

    I'm not gonna rule out anytbing but I am not sleeping with your wife.

    Trumpistas are indeed a silly bunch.