Tuesday, November 15, 2016

HOT REPORT: Trump Considering Ted Cruz for Attorney General

National political reporter for Bloomberg Politic reports:

For what it is worth, Cruz was spotted at Trump Tower earlier today:

It seems to me that Cruz would have a very difficult time getting confirmed. He is hated by many on the Hill.

When having lunch with one very connected insider last week in D.C., I brought up Cruz  tangentially and the insider, who doesn't have any direct dealings with Cruz, railed against him. 

I tried to say something positive about Cruz and this insider went out of his way to stretch my positive comment into something evil about Cruz.

There are many on the Hill who are programmed to launch the Cruz hate button when his name comes up.



  1. Which means he is doing something right! Ted for AG

  2. If you wanted him out of the Senate, then you would confirm him for AG.