Friday, November 25, 2016

General Petraeus For Secretary of State?

It just keeps getting worse.
Now that hit squads appear to have taken Mitt Romney out of the running for Secretary of State, General David Petraeus' name is being floated for the position.

This is all you need to know about Petraeus, who in 2010 received the (neocon)Irving Kristol award from the American Enterprise Institute:

Daniel McAdams wrote this in 2012:
As the Washington Post reports, neo-conservative warmongers supreme Fred Kagan and his wife Kim — members of the famed “think tank brigade” — were granted unprecedented access and authority to manage the Afghan war by General David Petraeus, including being granted the highest level security clearances and bypassing the general’s team of military advisers — and even the White House.
From the article’s description of the Kagan’s obsession with reading “SCI” level classified material, which can only be accessed in specially designed rooms:
“They’d spend hours in there,” said one former senior civilian official at the headquarters. “They talked about how much they loved reading intel.”...
The Kagans’ additional compensation in return for their demand for more troops and more war, was provided, no doubt lavishly, by the very military industrial complex that profits from the wars. It is a game similar to foreign aid: the military industrial complex provides millions of dollars in donations to the think tank brigade, which agitates for more wars that bring in billions for the military contractors. Petraeus got what he wanted from the relationship with the Kagans as well. Each time Petraeus descended on Capitol Hill he was treated like a god by lawmakers. That was the Kagans’ doing. They rushed home from their extended stints “running” the war in Afghanistan to pen saccharine pieces on the glories of Patraeus, just the kind of hero the pro-war faction in Congress (as in the entire Congress minus a handful) needed. The Kagans courted Members of Congress assiduously, dropping this or that bit of self-serving but mutually-reassuring intel picked up while pouring over the classified data.



  1. In an unprecedented outreach, Donald Trump selects HILLARY CLINTON to be his new Secretary of State! In a brilliant conciliatory gesture, Donald Trump has selected Ms. Clinton on the basis of her deep experience in negotiations with foreign powers. Mr. Trump singled out Ms Clinton's negotiating skills for their stark choices: "A deal, or anal rape with a rifle." "What a closer", he remarked.

  2. Didn't Petraeus get slapped on the wrist for sharing classified info with his autobiographer mistress? Yet he's still eligible to be SOS? Maybe the Mercers are tight with the Kagans...

    The way Trump is publicly making Mitt grovel and twist in the wind is amusing but also probably indicative of some kind of seriously twisted vindictive streak.

  3. Between Petraeus and Mad Dog Mattis, is the neocon establishment working behind the scenes to set up a former general's run in 2020?

    Once Trump's honeymoon phase is over, in a to-be-determined time when the manipulated boom phase of the business cycle halts, when inflation hits the pocketbooks of Trump's forgotten man, when discontent emerges that the government is "not doing enough", which federal departments emerge unscathed from the blame?

    And who will be strong enough to overcome a more powerful Senator Warren's run, both in the democratic primary and general election?

    Only Trump's Defense and State cabinet leaders is the answer, setting up one of the generals to take the throne in 2020.

    As horrible as Romney is, for these reasons above he's a better option than any of America's celebrity war gods.