Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Dear President-Elect Trump: I would like a position in your administration

Dear President-Elect Trump:

Please consider me the position of Secretary of the Department of Labor.

First, you should know that I did not vote for you, and, even if appointed, I will not vote for you in 4 years.

Second, I disagree with you on trade, the role of government in the economy, your foreign policy, and pretty-much everything else that you have said.

Your Supreme Court pick may be more to my liking, but only time will tell. You haven't mentioned Judge Andrew Napolitano as a potential justice, although he would be wonderful; you have mentioned other Fox News personalities for cabinet positions, although they would be terrible.

Oh, by the way: I would also like you to consider me for any position as an Article III judge: District Court, Circuit Court, or Supreme Court. I don't know if I'm qualified, but I've had personal and professional experience with some Article III Judges. Let's just say: If they can do it, I've got no worries.

Don't get me wrong: I didn't vote for Hillary. Gosh no. Sure, I was #neverTrump, but in my heart of hearts, I was #nevereverHillary.

Is she worse on you in terms of overall policy? Well, maybe. She would probably get us into more wars and she doesn't seem to have much of a problem killing people. I don't think you have tasted blood yet, so maybe you will show a little more restraint.

Sorry -- another tangent: I just watched the movie, Hacksaw Ridge. Great movie. Before you send another person to death's door, please watch that movie or any movie that shows the true nature of war. Watch any movie on war that makes you stop eating your popcorn because it is so graphic and disgusting.

And, if any person can continue eating, then they are a sick, sick person.

I hope you are well, sir.

Back to Hillary: No, I would never vote for her. Maybe you will lower my taxes. Or maybe not. You may have lied about that. But, I know for certain the Hillary would have raised them.

But, the real reason that I was #nevereverHillary was because I just wanted to see the Left cry.

I was at Disneyland with my family when the election results came in. It truly was magical to see the looks of disbelief and shock on the faces of all the Progressives and SJWs.

The only thing that I have to say to them is, "Elections have consequences."

Remember when they said that over and over again in 2008 after Obama was elected?

I said, "they." But, in truth, you were a Manhattan Liberal back then, so you we're probably in agreement with what "they" said.

On a good note -- and, no, I have not forgotten that I was asking you for a position in your Cabinet; but, I figure that if you have read this far, I might as well just go for it.

On a good note: I don't think that you are a racist. I actually think that we could enjoy watching a game, although you are a Patriots and Tom Brady and New York and Boston fan.

For me, I hate the Patriots. I "sports-hate" that pretty-boy Tom Brady. I "sports-hate" everything related to New York or Boston athletic teams.

I do like the Knicks because they are such a joke.

I also sometimes like the New York Giants. Do you want to know why?

Because they beat the undefeated Patriots in the Super Bowl, and then their fans started chanting;

18 and 1!

Joy. Pure joy.

Ok, ok. Back to my request: You have stated that you want to make it easier to fire civil service employees.

If you appoint me to the Secretary of the Department of Labor, I'll tell you how to get it done.

But, in the event that you are going to give the position to someone who financially supported your campaign, let me tell you what you are going to need to do.

Believe me, Mr. President-Elect, I know what I'm talking about. I've worked with unions and I have been instrumental in getting employees disciplined, up to and including termination.

I've also been instrumental in getting employees hired; helping employees improve their performance; and helping them get promoted.

To explain how to fire a civil service worker, let's use the example of the Department of Energy (DOE).

You sit down with the Secretary of the DOE and review his/her budget request. Let's say that it is $500B.

You say, "No, make it $5M."

Really, you should say, "Make it $0!" But let's take this one step at a time.

The truth is that that $500B wasn't going to accomplish anything other than enrich some politician.

The Secretary will need to cut $499,995,000,000. How is he/she going to do this? The easiest and quickest way to cut is through layoffs.

Just about everyone would get laid off.

Next, rewrite the job descriptions so that the rabble that should have been fired can't claim that they are entitled to the job if/when it is reposted.

No, I didn't forget that you need to send the budget to Congress.

Of course, they will have changes. That's fine. Veto everything. Tell Congress that you won't sign any appropriations bill unless they agrees with the skeleton budget that you submitted.

Also tell them that the only workaround is if they legislatively change the civil service rules to make all government employees at-will employees.

If Congress doesn't back you on this, use the VA as Exhibit 1 in order to prove that incompetent employees cannot be fired. (Actually, you can use any federal department to prove the above.)

If Congress overrides your veto, then the American people who are paying attention will have an even better understanding of the crooked nature of politics and politicians.

If I am the Secretary of the Department of Labor, this is what I promise to do:

1. Submit an on-time budget.
2. Quick layoff of all people, including me.
3. Between the time of appointment and my layoff, I will rollback and forever eliminate all regulations.
4. Immediate elimination of any regulation which forces Managment to collectively bargain with Labor.
5. Immediate elimination of any regulation which says that Management cannot fire Labor just because Labor tried to organize.
6. Immediate elimination of any regulatory or financial advantage Management may have because of crony corporation/government ties.

There would be a few other things, but those would be good place to start.

So, what do you say? I'll be traveling for the Holidays, but I would be happy to meet you and discuss.


Victor Ward

Victor J. Ward  first came across libertarianism by reading Murray Rothbard's Ronald Reagan: An Autopsy and Walter Block's Defending the Undefendable. He holds a law degree from the University of California, Hastings College of the Law and an MBA from Santa Clara University.

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  1. Hi Victor,
    Man, you're getting good! I read the whole piece with a big SH%^#T eatin' grin on my face.