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Block vs. Wenzel on Lefty Crybabies

Dr. Walter Block emails:

Dear Bob:

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Walter E. Block, Ph.D.
Harold E. Wirth Eminent Scholar Endowed Chair and Professor of Economics
Joseph A. Butt, S.J. College of Business
Loyola University New Orleans

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Sent: Sun 11/20/2016 9:15 AM
To: Narvey, Bill
Subject: An Appeal to the Anti-Trumpers Still Grieving and Outraged at Trump's Win and Clinton's Loss

November 20th, 2016
An Appeal to the Anti-Trumpers Still Grieving and Outraged at Trump's Win and Clinton's Loss

The fundamental contrasting themes of this U.S. Presidential election were that of Clinton promising to maintain and further entrench Obama's status quo domestic and foreign policies and Trump's transformative message that the status quo must change for there to be hope and redemption for Americans, which was encapsulated in Trump's slogan, 'Make America Great Again".

This message is for all who were and remain biased against Trump and his supporters including the liberal left main stream media (MSM) who only saw hope in Clinton's promised status quo America and a nightmare in Trump's transformative vision for America.

So many of you anti-Trumpers, simply cannot accept the election results. You rage against Trump and his supporters with various demeaning insults and grossly exaggerated, if not outright false accusations of racism, bigotry etc. You play out all your tirades in public forums, be it in social media, your communities, workplaces, grade schools, universities and American streets, sometimes with attendant violence.

Your efforts and those of some anti-Trump grade school teachers in particular to turn the minds of young children in their charge, is particularly vile, egregious and unconscionable.

You do all this under the watchful eye of the MSM which uncritically reports on your words and actions without holding calling on you to ensure that your protests are fair, honest, respectful and peaceful, which a great many are not in the least.

You are all adults, yet your rants are nothing short of childish temper tantrums.

You all profess Judeo-Christian-democratic principles of ethics, values and morals such as fairness, honesty, respect for others, integrity, humility, justice, and forbearing hatred of others. Your frantic hate filled efforts to denounce Trump and his supporters however, reveals your shameless hypocrisy as you violate these very principles you claim to cherish.

It is obvious that you have lost the capacity for self awareness and that is what blinds you to the reality that you have left your aforesaid principles in tatters and allowed hypocrisy to compromise your souls.

Take heart! There is hope for you yet.

You all need to take a deep breath and swallow a big dose of reality that you have been denying in your anguished outrage. It doubtless will taste terrible at first, but accepting reality really will be good for you, just like that foul tasting Buckley's cough syrup.

Here are some realities you will benefit from knowing:

1. Yours are not the only views, hopes and dreams for America that count and deserve respect;

2. Not only Republicans voted for Trump. So too did ordinary middle income Americans, whom you have dubbed the "forgotten white voter" so as to falsely imply they are white racists-bigots for supporting Trump, when in fact they are not all white and they are not racists-bigots.

Your pejoratively labeled "forgotten white voter" are all ordinary Americans whose support of Trump was borne of out of their frustration with being less able to provide adequately for their families due to poor economic circumstances impacting them which Obama's policies much contributed to and which Clinton promised to carry on with.

These so called "forgotten white voters" had also had it with the status quo of there being a privileged, powerful and influential political, institutional including a liberal MSM, liberal-left educational-academia and social elite class that all were conspirators or contributors to making, defining and enforcing rules of political correctness. Enforcement too often involved falsely accusing individuals-businesses of racism-bigotry and the like which though false, still caused much harm. In this fashion these privileged elite classes have been able to engage in a form of thought control and to stifle the right of free speech of ordinary people whose views did not align with theirs.

For all this, it was the "forgotten white voters", you so dishonestly and disrespectfully labeled, who finally rose up to say enough is enough, who put their faith, hopes and dreams of a better life for all Americans in Trump and it was their vote that carried the day for him.

3. While you still seem to be in a state of angry shock over Trump winning the election, take the blinders off and see what your eyes tell you. Start with knowing that the sun came up November 9 th as it has every day before and since, the stock market is still positive, democracy has not died and life is as before.

4. For your own sake and that of your fellow Americans, all you grieving Clinton and Democrat supporting Americans, need to get over it and stop with your tantrums.

Fair, honest, respectful fact based criticism is good. The vitriolic biased criticism you have been engaging in, is not.

If after 4 years it is clear that Trump cannot realize his hopes and dreams for a greater America, you can then revel in schadenfreude by bad mouthing him, telling Trump supporters I told you so and vote for the next presidential candidate in whom you are prepared to put your faith, hopes and dreams in.

5. Every American wants better days ahead. Those days are still there to be had.

Americans like to say coming together for the sake of all is what America is about. It is reflected in the American motto - E Pluribus Unum.

With that in mind, you anti-Trumpers are therefore urged to now put aside your biases and differences, turn your negative angry grief into positive hopeful energy, mend your tattered principles and values aforesaid and if you can be big enough, do your part to pitch in to help Trump try to make those better days happen for all Americans.

Bill Narvey
My response:
Dear Walter,

I believe I have already addressed the topic in much fewer words, in a fashion much more in line with a Private Property Society perspective and with some practical advice. SEE: Why Donald Trump Really Isn't My President.
I find it extremely difficult to understand your support for Trump in this battle between Lefty interventionists and Righty interventionists. I don't see anything libertarian going on here. 
Your thin reed that Hillary would have gotten us into World War 3 (which I question) no longer applies. Hillary lost. Trump is going to be President. Trump may be better on Political Correctness and elements of the Left may be better on the surveillance state but for the most part they both advocate horrific policies.
Don't you think now more than ever we need people who will stand up for liberty and warn how neither Trump nor the Left come close to advocating such? 

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  1. A big defense of Trump from libertarians is almost always the "he has all the right enemies" argument. So did Nixon, but it didn't make him a good president.