Sunday, November 13, 2016

8,000 Anti-Trump Protesters in Los Angeles

An estimated 8,000 people marched in Los Angeles against the election of Donald Trump on Saturday. Protesters chanted, “Not my president.”


  1. What's the going rate for a protester these days? Minimum wage?

  2. I moved here to Los Angeles from Texas 2 years ago for an excellent job. I dislike things out here immensely except for the job, especially the cost of living. I have put up with it, despite wishing to be back in Texas, but seeing the insanity this weekend has made me realize that I need to seriously consider getting the hell outta here and returning to Texas. It doesn't make sense to try and build a life here. From an investment standpoint, it is far too expensive for even the basics (food, housing, space), and in the long run this place is a financial meltdown ticking time bomb. I feel like I made a very stupid decision moving out here.