Thursday, October 27, 2016

The Inside Scoop on the Presidential Election: What the Polls are Really Saying

I had a long conversation yesterday with Rick Shaftan, a conservative pollster and media consultant.

In his view, the presidential race is still too close to call. Despite mainstream media proclaiming a Hillary Clinton victory already, here is what he sees.

There are going to be Republican strongholds that have never before gone Democratic but probably will this time. He specifically says high-income Republican areas, where houses are priced at $400,000 or more, are likely to go for Hillary.

On the other hand, rural areas which have gone Democratic in the past could go in Trump's favor by huge record-setting numbers. He says that 70% of the vote in these areas could go for Trump.

But the problem for Trump is that these rural areas just don't have the populations to deliver high amounts of votes to seal the deal for him.

According to Shaftan, it is going to be middle-class suburbs where houses go for around $200,000 that will determine the victor and that the race is so volatile, these voters could go either way.

He says if Trump can stay on message for the next two weeks (always an unknown with Trump), Trump could still win the race.

As far as the Senate races, he thinks the Republicans will hold the Senate.



  1. I agree with this analysis 100% based on everyone I know and their positions. Also based on yard signs I've seen on drives through rural areas.

  2. I can'T see him doing it. he must win Florida then pick up NC, Ohio, Arizona Colorado and Nevada. Or alternatively NC and Pennsylvania, but in the last case Clinton has just as much chance as winning Texas.
    In my travels around the Midwest (WI, IL, IN, MO, TN) there didn't appear to be al lot of enthusiasm for for either candidate. There are no lawn signs for Trump or Clinton in my immediate Neighborhood