Wednesday, October 26, 2016

"Strong encryption does not eliminate Apple’s ability to give law enforcement meta-data"

Big business in league with government is horrific.

It goes on much more often than most people know. I just had breakfast this morning with an individual who is a senior official in a non-high tech sector multi-billion dollar corporation.

The government recently approached him about using his firm for an undercover operation. He thought it was a bad idea---just from the perspective of getting the company involved in such stuff. He is not a libertarian. He ran the government request by the general counsel of the corporation.

The general counsel came back to him: "Yes, we want to do this. We are always getting flak for not co-operating enough with government. We will be able to show that we co-operated in this operation."



  1. By warrant or other forms of legal process? What the hell is other forms of legal process?

  2. The story of the non-tech executive doesn't sound like the typical getting in bed with the government for favors relationship but rather the 'what will they do to us if we don't agree' type.

    What is a company to do nowadays? If one tells government 'no' government then doesn't approve an expansion or a new store or an acquisition. Or it drags its feet in a time sensitive matter that goes before some government regulators or approvers. Inspectors show up and issue violations. The company is prosecuted for any number of employment violations. The list is practically endless. Then the company has to sue the government or fight charges and that drags out and costs money.

    So once again, people either are moral and do the right thing and suffer or they do the wrong thing and at least get by.

    Also what is the government looking for? The ability to sit in an office with a window and observe the neighbors or is it something more?

    We're looking at what is really the old "real libertarian" argument. The "real libertarian" doesn't register his car and fights a court battle every time he's pulled over sort of thing. The line of where the fight is practical is just an opinion. We all do it, we all make practical calls where to fight, every single day.

  3. Reminder that former EPA Director Lisa Jackson is now a VP of some sorts at Apple. The new Wikileaks shows the Clinton Cabal has some pull at Apple. It appears Podesta arranged a meeting between NSC/DoD/special assistant to Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff Chris Kirchhoff and Lisa Jackson.