Saturday, October 8, 2016

Roger Stone Warns Rape Charge Against Trump to be Promoted Next by Hillary Attack Team

Trump is way out of his league. Hillary will do what it takes.

The Road to Serfdom, Chapter 10: Why the Worst Get on Top



  1. "Hillary will do what it takes."

    And so will Trump.

  2. --- Chapter 10: Why the Worst Get on Top ---

    Because xenophobes want walls, Robert.

    This morning, during Fox & Friends, Tucker Carlson was asking "what would America look like if we had open borders?" referring to the leaked Clinton transcripts where she said that she was for open trade and open borders. If Carlson had addressed that question to me or to someone like libertarian Kmele Foster, either one of us would have reaponded with: "Like you and me. America would look like it does right now. What do you think would change?"

    But seems that most Trumpistas think America is an insular place, but it is not.

    A Republican operative said this morning onnFox & Friends that "open trade destroyed manufacturing jobs and the economy in many places" in an incredible display of economic ignorance. That is what we're dealing with.

  3. One man's "xenophobe" is another man's "realist". And if you want to have India as your neighborhood, move to freaking India. Just don't forget to buy nose plugs, you will need them. (Better yet, go see the world before you offer any opinion on the merits of letting the world to come to your doorstep).

  4. Open borders are only a problem when combined with the welfare state.