Saturday, October 22, 2016

Paul Ryan: If Republicans Lose the Senate, Bernie Sanders Could Head Senate Budget Committee

Bernie Sanders is the ranking member of the budget committee, and if Democrats gain control of the chamber on November 8, he would be in line to chair it.

But Sanders, notes The Nation, could also end up chairing then powerful Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions (HELP) Committee, which he could use to advance many of the proposals (for affordable college, empowering unions, and investing in public-health programs) that made his bid for the Democratic presidential nomination so popular.

The final list of committee assignments will be influenced by the choices of senior senators, such as Washington’s Patty Murray. “There’s lots of individual choices ahead, of people who are senior to Bernie,” says Senator Charles Schumer of New York, who is set to replace retiring Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid of Nevada. Yet Schumer says of Sanders, “He will chair a significant committee if we win the majority,’’ reports The Nation.

The confused millennials are all for Bernie in charge.

 The news that the socialist Sanders might end up in a top position in the Senate, and that he might be positioned to thwart House Speaker Paul Ryan’s plans, became a digital sensation. Twitter and Facebook exploded—with messages like “Awesome!” and “Sounds like a plan!” and “Too bad for Ryan, that’s a scenario millions of millennials would welcome” says the magazine.

There is little to say positive about Ryan, and I mean almost nothing at all, other than he is not Sanders.

Prepare for dark times my friends,



  1. The more time progresses, the less respect I have for the American people.

    1. The more time progresses, the less the American people understand real personal and political freedom and the more they accept as normal the welfare-warfare state. Especially the young, since a society in which the state bureaucracies invade every aspect of our lives is all they've known.

    2. Reminding yourself that humans are primates helps keeps things in perspective :)