Saturday, October 15, 2016

Only an Elitist Would Dare Do This

With With Wikileaks dumped emails revealing that John Podesta received stock from a company that was backed by the Russians and that he attempted to hide the fact on U.S. Government filings, Podesta has mocked Wikileaks founder Julian Assange in a series of tweets.

The active attempt to circumvent government reporting requirements, which were required for Podesta to become a special adviser to the Obama administration, is a criminal offense punishable with fines and a prison term. Is he concerned? Probably.

Though he took to Twitter to mock Assange. A move only an elitist would try to pull off.

The Hill reports:
Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman, John Podesta, is hitting back at Julian Assange over the leaking of his emails.

Since last Friday, WikiLeaks founder Assange has been releasing emails stolen from Podesta's account. The messages released so far have contained information ranging from campaign strategies to Podesta's secret to cooking risotto.

Podesta on Friday posted a series of tweets showing him helping to prepare food at a rally for the Democratic presidential nominee.

...Friday evening, WikiLeaks replied to Podesta's tweets with one of its own. "Yes, we get it. The elite eat better than the peasants they abuse," the official account wrote.



  1. He looks and cooks just like Gus Fring.

    1. I was sitting here thinking, "Podesta looks like someone familiar."

      You nailed it!

  2. Wikileaks reply...makes me think of what Lew Rockwell tells us over and over.

  3. Then Podesta needs to make sure Hillary wins to stop any criminal investigation.