Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Obama’s Half-Brother Will Attend Final Presidential Debate as Guest of Trump

President Obama’s half-brother Malik will attend Wednesday evening’s presidential debate as a guest of Donald Trump, the New York Post is reporting. “I’m excited to be at the debate,” Malik confirmed to the Post. “Trump can make America great again.” Trump himself added: “I look very much forward to meeting and being with Malik. He gets it far better than his brother.”

Malik is an American citizen who lives in Washington, DC, when he’s not in Kenya.

The debate is scheduled for Wednesday evening in Las Vegas.



  1. Given that Hillary has been running all those "Republicans are voting for me" ads, it would be pretty smart if Trump ran a "even Obama's brother is voting for me" ad.

  2. Okay, it's funny that Obama's brother is voting for him, but I don't see any other point apart from it being slightly amusing.

  3. That's entertainment.

  4. Well it looks like Obama's Thanksgiving will be slightly awkward this year

  5. The point is there is no point. If voting made a diference, do you think they'd let us do it?