Monday, October 17, 2016

HOT Wikileaks Has Activated 'Contingency Plans'

NOTE This comes just hours after  Julian Assange Just Sent Out a Dead Man's Trigger late Sunday.


Report Brits Have Stormed Ecuadorean Embassy--where Assange has been staying.


Conflicting reports on Brit raid. Although the original report of a cut in Assange's internet link appears to be accurate given that it comes from the Wikileaks Twitter feed.


  1. Storming the Ecuadorian Embassy would be a literal invasion and act of war. That's hard to believe. To completely cut off the internet, they would also have to completely cut off phone service to the embassy given that it would be pretty easy to make a slow connection over a modem. However, I'd imagine Wikileaks has the documents ready to be released without action from Assange.

  2. If the US and Britain is doing this to Assange, then these email leaks must be striking close to heart of the beast.