Friday, October 21, 2016

Donna Brazile Flips Out Over Being Questioned About Leaking Debate Questions to Clinton Campaign

Be sure to listen through to the second questioning after the Megyn Kelly grilling.



  1. Reminds me of the Scott Baio clip from Arrested Development where he plays attorney Bob Loblaw. His advertisement goes:

    "Why should you go to jail for a crime someone else noticed."

  2. This woman is just pathetic, even by Democratic party standards

  3. It is only the truth that hurts.

  4. I am becoming terrified that Trump will win. If she wins then she will be under investigation for her entire term. Possibly under indictment. If Wikileaks has shit on Kaine, he could be forced to resign before election.

    If Trumpussolini wins then his followers will believe in government again.

    1. If Trump wins Hillary may be investigated as Trump has said he would do. Why would she be under investigation if she were elected? She's not going to investigate herself. Trump's followers already believe in government. Everyone does sadly. Hillary will have all the support from the media and the establishment to do much of what she wants. Trump will be attacked and sabotaged every step of the way. Why be terrified by "Trumpussolini" and not by Hillary?

    2. "If Trumpussolini wins then his followers will believe in government again."

      I think the #1 thing "Trump supporters" like about him is that he speaks out against the

      corrupt establishment. The fact that he's mainly self-funded is also a critically important

      distinction. While it certainly does NOT guarantee that he's "an outsider", it makes it a lot

      more plausible to believe that he's not beholden to special interests.

      I am under no illusion Trump's policies will be good but I will say that I don't think he's

      "nefarious" (whereas I do think Hillary is). It's not easy to run for POTUS and say the things

      he's said (e.g. "system rigged", "media corrupt", "Dubya lied us into war", etc) because of the

      "mud-slinging propaganda machine" (e.g. the MSM, hollywood) that is against him.

      While Trump's policies themselves might not get us toward liberty, I feel like he's still

      making a positive contribution toward that goal (possibly unwittingly) because he's making

      "question the establishment" a lot more mainstream. I've read that "every ruling elite needs

      the consent of the governed". If Trump is helping embolden "the governed" into questioning the establishment then I'm happy he's a candidate, warts and all.

      As an example, check out the crowd chanting "CNN sucks" in the video at the link below.

      Disclaimer: I do recognize that this type of thing can "go too far" (e.g. RW's concern that we'll have a POTUS with a poor understanding of liberty but has support of the people) but I think right now this country needs to take that chance. If the economic crash that many are expecting happens then things are going to be very messy, regardless.

  5. It looks like she is really losing her composure. She is really struggling to keep it together. She is usually very calm and collected. Even her hair is a mess! I think she's really worried about what else can come out of this.